Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why I loathe the science fair

AHHHH.    wlojesaldkcnwqleijnsc
Yep, because that is exactly how I feel.
I am so at the end of my rope today and it can all be summed up in two exhausting words.
So, Jordon is in 4th grade this year (should be fifth but I was putting off mandatory science project age I held him back in first grade due to his immaturity and him just not being ready!!) anyway, this is his first year that completing a science project to have entered into the school science fair is mandatory. Let me tell you people.... if you don't have children in the upper grades of elementary yet, just wait, it is pure torture.
My teacher friends are always talking about parents taking too much control of the kids' work. Parents not letting the kids just learn for themselves and learn through failures blah blah blah. SOOOO much easier said than done!! I never know if my son has ADHD like I do making it hard to focus in school, or if he is talking to much (like I also did) meaning he is not paying attention, or if he is just flat out not listening or caring what the teacher has to say. This whole science project fiasco is THE worst school homework assignment I have seen yet. At first I thought this would be fun and then tried to pawn it off on my parents reminding them that we did such cool projects when I was a kid and I could tell they missed it. um, no, they turned that down quick and now I see why! I want to burn this board as soon as he brings it home from school.
We have never fought more than we have during this project. For one thing I am super OCD with my handwriting and organization. My school projects were always beautiful works of art because I am a perfectionist. I procrastinated with the best of them but when my projects were completed in the wee hours the day they were due they looked amazing. My son, however, not even close. I actually had to walk away and not look at it while he was writing because I would have nit picked him to shreds!
In the end I know I did way too much. I took pictures everyday to document, I printed off the headers ( so he wouldn't write them in chicken scratch) I went to the store late last night to print off pictures for his board, I cut, and glued and invested way too much time on HIS science project and I am still not happy with HIS final outcome. But you know what? I took a deep breath and he is taking that sucker to school today and I never EVER have to see it again. Especially because we are skipping the science fair for fear it will give me nightmares. Kidding. We already had conflicting plans.
Thank goodness there is a whole year until the next science fair. Ugh.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Barf... and pass the tissues.


I'm still alive guys ... Barely. Sorry I have been so MIA but the cold/flu/pukes or hashtag "just shoot me now"(s) are in full swing over in my neck o' the woods. Thankfully I haven't had much more than a sniffly nose and sore throat but hear me roar people, this mama is TIRED! The poor girl child, aka the baby, has been so under the dang weather and I wish I could just make her feel well again because it's so sad! Honestly, all the laundry I have done these last couple days speaks for itself. Having a sick little is rough!!

So I'm going to leave you with some pictures and go wash my hair for the first time in days. Enjoy! 

Proof that I am a hot mess these days!!

The sick little girl... Sad face!

BOO YA! Look at me still bein all pinteresty and such. No weird strain of sick was puttin a stop to the boys valentine's day cards. Here I thought I'd be blogging all my Pinterest fails and yet these turned out alright so BOOM I win! Hope I'll be back to regular blogging (and showering) soon! 


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Superbowl {win for the Hawks} day

Woohoo!! It is Super Bowl Sunday people. More importantly, ok maybe not MORE important it's time for me to fill you in on how my weight-loss has been going.

In all reality, I'm sure there aren't many people stopping by to read today. BUT before I head out to eat everything in sight today I'll tell you the exciting news.

So, here's the thing.... I haven't actually weighed myself in 2 weeks because when I weighed myself then, I hadn't lost a single pound. Needless to say I stopped working out because of it. I figured if I was not going to be losing weight AND was missing out on all my favorite foods this wasn't the road I was about to travel. I know all of you that actually know a thing or two about losing weight or being healthy are probably shaking your head right now. I am too, trust me. Because I did some research and learned about water retention as your muscles are growing, and how about the fact that sure I may not have lost POUNDS but that because I was building muscle.

I didn't want to let you all down so I still put on my progress pic clothes on Friday night and took my front and side pics. Here they are:


I was shocked.

I didn't realize how much less of a gut (aka preggo lookin belly) I had after literal only working out through half of the month! Here is last months pic to prove it!!


So it's back on people...... uh, after today mmmmkay?!

Enjoy your game day eats and


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