Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That toddler swag tho

I know there are people out there that just cringe when people (mis)spell though. Because it's sooooo hard to add a couple extra letters to the end to actually complete the word right? Welp, when it comes to trying to fit in with the kids ima hafta keep talkin bout that swag tho. <---- ok, ew.... I won't. 

I do have a very important question 'tho' hehe. On a scale of 1- you're trying to hard, how crazy is it that I always feel the need to up my toddler's "swag" every week. I mean, to be honest she really only looks amazingly cute one day a week (clothing wise) because I am far to lazy to put in the time and effort to coordinate and plan outfits for the rest of the week. I'm just sayin. I rarely even think about her outfit for church until, ohhhh, SATURDAY NIGHT!! Then, I spend that entire evening piecing together her "OOTD" {outfit of the day} sew any extras, make matching jewelry, the works..... just to have one day where people obsess over how stylish 'she' is. 
Which completely cracks me up by the way.... how stylish SHE is.... you do realize I am the one who puts those outfits together right?!

Anyway, I am pretty sure that it has gotten beyond the point of trying to hard. So there ya go, I answered my own question. I should have known this post would go full circle and I would come to my own conclusion. Only makes sense. 

I wish I had taken more pics of this adorable outfit and child but there were literally people watching us at the doors of the church waiting to tell us good morning, when I swiftly pulled the kid to the side and told her to stand next to the tree. At least we didn't take long.... because I only really got ONE good picture. boo.

lemme break it down... 
Sweater knit, fleece lined black leggings, and white 3 button shirt with heart patched sleeves were on clearance at Fred Meyer. Shoes from Amazon {here} glasses also from Amazon {here} Baby Gap 'Vest' is a 0-6month jacket I cut the sleeves off of (literally years ago) Head scarf is mine from Maurices {here}


Monday, September 29, 2014

Returning to the norm... and the Week's End

Don't worry people I have got plans in the works. With what you ask?..... blogging, life, EVERYTHING! Remember this post where I told you about my new "side gig." yeah well now I officially babysit/nanny for 3 families (total of 4 kids) and have my own. It is pretty much madness.

Anyone hopping over from Oak & Oats I apologize that I (the co-host) have nothing epic to link back to from last week. I didn't want to send you to my giveaway that has ended so that is what brings you here. To today, Monday. 

All last week my husband was out of town for training. (work stuff) So, I had my good friend stay with me. She is single and free to just stay long periods of time with people like myself that hate to be home alone. Thank goodness for her, It was really some much needed girl time, but again, that usually leaves everything else to the back burner. Of course all my shows started this week, several of which the hubs watches with me so I didn't get watch those. Other than that, it was a pretty fun week catching up with a friend. Minus the part where she locked her keys in her car...... I also went over to another friend's house just for the morning on Saturday and drank coffee while laminating any and every thing I could get my hands on. I don't know why laminating machines are so fun to me!! I am still working on making my Whitney English Day Designer unique, so I will continue to laminate things for that! I promise an updated post is coming about that as well, because I love that planner!! 

I am happy to say life here has returned to normal now that the hubby is home. Time for me to pump out some amazing posts about pumpkin spice and banana bread y'all! 

Now come LINK UP with us!!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

My newest fall favs + a GIVEAWAY!!

You guys..... tomorrow is officially the first day of FALL!! I am beyond excited. Even though it was close to 85 degrees here yesterday, I cooked up some tomato soup base using fresh tomatoes, and perfected my pumpkin sauce. I. AM. READY. According to the weather guys because they are always right it should be rainy and gray (or is it grey?) by the end of this week. I'm sorrynotsorry but Fall is just the best and I can't help myself! Sure, after a few weeks of cold, and rain, and kids only playing indoors (yikes) I might be begging for just a few more days of sun.... but for the most part I am a pure 100% born and raised cool weather lovin Washintonian. 

With all this talk of cool weather comes dreams of  knee high riding boots, fleece lined leggings, hoodies, and my favorite of all, scarves! In the midst of all my fall prep I was contacted by Pink Blush to collaborate so all you beautiful readers could check out their amazing clothes and accessories! Of course I jumped at the chance and spent forever trying to decide what my favorites were. many adorable pieces! I die!

I finally decide on a couple tops.... check them EVER!

This Grey Lace Panel Front top is the most comfortable long sleeve shirt I think I even own. I imagine wearing this everywhere. I feel like it looks nice enough to wear with almost anything and yet feels like you are wearing your favorite worn in tee. Of course I paired it with my fav boyfriend jeans! 

I promise I just wanted to give y'all a close up of the lace front here ;) and a simple necklace did the trick as far as jewelry goes. Keeping it casual! 

Then my friends, I HAD to get this Ivory Knit Poncho. Um, everyone needs this!!! It is like going out wrapped in your favorite blanket (but still looking cute.) I actually check the weather everyday hoping for cold weather so I have an excuse to wear this. Pretty sure this might take the place of my raggedy ol' ASU sweatshirt. You're welcome husband. I get so many compliments on this piece, and talk about flattering while I am shoveling my face with candy and comfort foods all winter. Hides er'ythang if ya know what I mean. 

Not to mention it is a perfect match for my fleece lined leggings and riding boots. SCORE. 

Lastly, can we talk about accessories?! Of course stack-able bracelets and necklaces are in right now and I wore them all summer, but you can never go wrong with a scarf when the cold weather hits.... amiright? 

How cute is this?! Totally selfie worthy at least ;)
I am sooooo ready guys. Bring on the rain, snow, sleet.... ok maybe I won't go that far. But bring on FALL! 
My friends over at Pink Blush couldn't just let you sit back and watch me have all the fun. No way. So get this, they are hooking my readers up with 15% off any/all purchases including clearance on both and until Friday!! 
Just enter the code ADASHOFTIME15
That isn't it guys, you also have a chance to win a $25 e-gift card to so you can add to your own closet this Fall!! Just enter via Rafflecopter below! 
Giveaway ends Friday at Midnight PST winner will be contacted via email and has 48hrs to reply before another winner is chosen.
                                                            a Rafflecopter giveaway

** While this blog post was sponsored by Pink Blush, the opinions about the products I received are all my own!** 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A week goes by quick

Wow, so this whole waking up at 5am thing all week was harder than I thought. I actually felt like I had MORE energy most days, but I also felt like I had put in my "work" for the day and blogging along with everything else took the back burner. I have a bazillion things on my to-do list, yet if it wasn't making me money this week I totally didn't do it! On a good note, the family I just started sitting for is great! I love the girls... they have such sweet personalities. I have also really enjoyed all the little car conversations with them as well as Jordon and the neighbor girl I take to school. I feel like a bus driver.... with far less kids.... and a much smaller vehicle. I really like it though. 

Onto the next thing.... because again.... pointless blabbing isn't always fun to read. 

I know my "plan" was to do my instagram pictures of my week, every Friday but I hardly took any....and it is no Saturday. haha. 

Either way.... here is a snippet and i will hopefully be back on track starting Monday.

 my first ever Blue Apron shipment { perhaps future blog post}

Jaida got her face painted at our church block party

We went to the fair.... and proof we spent the week being kinda lazy....


Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to school week (My insta-week)

Trying another new thing....recapping my week every Friday, with Instagram pics! 
(Hope this helps me to take more pictures!!) 

This week has been pure madness! First of all, I forgot how difficult it really is to wake up early everyday to take Jordon to school... and I haven;t even started the new gig yet! So next week I will be getting up 2 hours earlier ahhhhh!!!! Stay tuned for future sleep deprived blog posts. 

Jordon stayed the weekend with my parents last weekend, and since it was a 3 day weekend he got to enjoy some extra time there and didn't come home until Monday night. Jaida and I always go outside and wait for him when I know he is on the way home. It is so fun because she is already in her jammies and we just sit and chat. This week it was crazy because for the first time in months it was starting to get dark out, just a reminder that the summer days are really coming to an end. 

I also spent a couple days this week at a friends house watching her son (who is also 2) and it sure does give me a new respect for parents of multiples, or even just multiple toddlers. Neither he, nor Jaida wanted to nap and even in separate rooms they seemed to be working together at a scheme to keep from sleeping. It worked, they went without naps and boy were they both exhausted by dinner time! 

Wednesday was back to school for Jordon and also the day that I got my first shipment of food from a company called Blue Apron. I will be blogging more about that later. The food was free for me because my sister orders from them and after so many orders you get to send a free week of meals to a friend....that was where I came take the free food! Yum, thanks sister!! :) 

I also baked some delicious banana bread muffins this week ( blog post coming soon) and even had a chance to get a football party in, on a school night, complete with finger foods and beer. Yes the Seahawks won, my week is now complete.

What have you all been up to this week?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get your butt to school child!

Honestly, I have absolutely nothing to write about today. zip, ziltch, nada. Part of me is hoping that as I type these words something will come to mind. Well I've got some ramblings for you anyway. It is the first day back to school today and I should have most definitely prepared myself to be waking up a few hours earlier than I did all summer long. That however would have required me to wake up early on days that I didn't need to. So I didn't. I slept until at least 8:30 Like I always say...give me ALL the sleep! I mean, it is such a blessing that my daughter sleeps until about 9am. I haven't had to wake before the sun in about 3 months. I would actually sleep longer if my body would let me. Ugh, was not looking forward to these early mornings at all!! Not to mention I just took a part time "gig" watching a couple girls before school and then taking them to school each day.... ummm that starts at 5am people FIVE A.M. I will die. What was I thinking. I have gone completely cray. I know.  I was somehow comparing it in my head to when I used to have to be at Starbucks by about 3:30am to open the store back in the day, but let me remind you and myself that the first thing I did there each morning was make myself a very strong cup of coffee. I don't have the power or machine strength to do that here. boo. So watch out world I will probably be cranky on several occasions. I suppose I will survive. I am, after all,  the one who volunteered for this in the first place sheesh. 

I'm sorry, I feel like me telling you all about my early morning plans is super boring, but I wasn't kidding when I said I had nothing to tell you. I suppose this also brings me to the question, is it better to just not blog on days like this? I feel like most days nothing really pops into my head that's interesting enough to blab about to y'all. Hence having weeks and sometimes almost complete months where I just go quiet. Bore-to- the- ing. Now that school is back in sesh I have a few extra hours each day that I plan to fill with blogging. But, as much as I'm looking forward to Jordon being back in school, I quite possibly will miss having a helping hand when it comes to cleaning up toddler messes during the day. Oh the pros and cons of having a school aged child. Really though.....


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Trendy Tot

Is "Trendy Tot Tuesday" still floating around somewhere in the blogosphere? I would totally link up if it is....but I remember seeing it awhile ago, as in over a year ago I think, and could never remember to post let alone link up for it.

{Edit.... after a quick Google search I have found Trendy Tot Tuesday!} 

Anywho, now that Jaida is two it is slightly....seriously only the slightest of slight bits.... easier to take pictures of her. Sure, bribery with chocolate is often involved, but I don't blame the girl because we ARE related and if you know me, you know I too am easily bribed with chocolate!

 I have been on a serious crafty/sewing/fashion/pretending my toddler is a life sized doll, kick. I blame it on Pinterest. I honestly blame everything on Pinterest, having ADHD and all I truly should not be allowed to scroll through all the pretty pins and dream my life away, but I do.  All those pins that I have under "what I wear" basically become what Jaida wears.... because she is small and doesn't have a weird shaped body, and basically looks great in everything. So yes, perhaps I live my fashion life through my daughter. Judge away, I won't stop ;) 

That being said I decided to share my most recent toddler trends with you all. Also, if this does become a weekly thing I promise not to vomit so many trends at once.... but I couldn't let these slip by without proper recognition.

 ** there is no coffee in that cup people it's just apple juice**

 ** If you follow me on Instagram I apologize because this is nothing new!**




Monday, September 1, 2014

September!! Is it fall now?

First, I find it most ironic that I plan to stay on top of blogging from this point on....yet slacked on hitting publish for this post meant to go live first thing this morning. So here you go....a tad late ;)

I know....Not many people look forward to the summer months coming to an end. I say bring on the fall and give me ALL the Pumpkin Spice. I seriously love everything about fall. I love the rain, the boots, the cool weather, the clouds, the hooded sweatshirts, the scarves and one of my all time favs.... "Soup Sundays." Yay, I just cannot wait! We have had a taste of fall this week here in Washington, and I have loved it! All this being said....can you believe it is already September?! Wow. Time for me to start a new trend here on the ol' blog. Monthly goals. I will do 5 goals to be my main focus each month. So lets start shall we.

 ( lofty, I know) and along with this.... plan out my day, EVERY DAY. 

 ( eat clean 3 days then 1 cheat day, eat clean 2 days then another cheat day) 

**sneak peak of future blog post!**



So I guess we will see how this goes right friends? 
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