Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I think I have officially got a schedule down for the blog now! (that was fast huh...) I'm tellin ya when I put my mind to something it usually gets done, the problem is I don't put my mind to things all that often..... or stick to them rather. This ADHD has me changing my mind on the daily!! That being said I really am going to make an effort to stick to this new schedule I have written for myself. On top of that I am going to write a DAILY schedule for myself to make sure that I am putting aside time for everything that is important in my day. BOOM I m on a roll people! 
So as I a looking for new fun link ups I found this one... and I love a good "so what" post!!
who wants to join me by linking up with Shannon over at "Life after I dew"
So What Wednesday
So what.... if I am a little happy that it is cloudy and cold out today, I needed a break from the warm and a glimpse into the fall aka my fav time of year!
So what.... if I added carmel macchiato creamer back into my coffee even when it is bad for me and full of sugar. I just can't quit this stuff.
So what.... if I am watching Dinosaur Train when Jaida is napping and there are no kids in the room.
So what... if I have a countdown (and feel the need to make a paper chain) to the day that I get to upgrade this phone, in case your wondering I have 66 days left. That is a long time huh...ugh.
So what.... if when I was waiting for this new tablet to arrive in the mail I had trouble sleeping and it felt like it was Christmas when it finally got here.
So what... if I need Afrin to survive during this horrible summer cold. Sisters got to breathe.
So what... if I might make going to garage sales my new side job. One persons trash is another persons treasure AKA a money maker for Erin ;)
What are YOU saying "so what" to today?

hey hey heeeeey

So you know what it is about blogging.... **here comes the list of excuses**  I need a schedule. Like a real schedule that I will stick too. I'm pretty sure I was kinda going that route but then when I don't take enough pictures for the weekend recaps, or don't feel like doing my hair and makeup to look decent for a Vlog I fall off. One day of skipping on blogging turns into weeks which quickly turns in to me realizing I have only had a couple blog posts in an entire month!! SAD.
Its not even like I can't find the time.... look this is what I am doing right. this. second...
enjoying that giant cup of coffee while the baby shoves her face with peanut butter toast and pineapple. She is content and I am blogging. Easy Peasy!!
I even got a new tablet (windows surface RT if your wondering) and I am officially typing on my touch pad/type cover as we pretty much rocks!
More about that later....hopefully
welp.... onto the day I go and wish me luck on getting an official blog schedule together so I can take this thing seriously for once :)  maybe...
toodles loves!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hashtag THIS

So yeah....
We have been through this time and time again, yet I am back to tell you ANOTHER time that I am the worlds WORST blogger. As in you could #hashtag that and I bet everyone is talking about it.
I just know they are
You know what I am pretty good at? Making excuses.... like "I would have blogged today BUT...." and here is how I would/could finish that sentence
- I spent my spare time doing surveys to earn a total of 25 cents
- I was shopping at multiple consignment stores and too tired when I got home
- I need a real camera because the phone isn't cutting it and I KNOW I would actually take pics with a real one...right? riiight?!!
- It takes to long to edit pictures from my phone and create a decent blog
- I have ADHD and just cannot focus that long!
and that being said I'm out.
Someday I will be back.... soon I hope. As in maybe tomorrow.
Love the,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ripped Jean Refashion

Refashion numero DOS
I may or may not be kind of cheating on these refashions.... the last one I did (here) was as easy as cutting off sleeves on a jean jacket. Then this is really just ripping up and adding a worn look to a pair of Jaida's jeans. Oh well, this is what your getting so here it goes.
I ...well Jaida already had a pair of jeans that I had purposely destroyed but they are now way to small so I actually went out thrifting for a good dark wash pair of jeans I could mess with again! Well, I found the cutest pair and because they are Baby Gap I paid a whopping $3.50. (actually I had credit on my account at the consignment store so they were freebies this time!)
This is what they looked like BEFORE

plain jane dark wash jeans with a boot cut leg
These are the tools I used.... (sorry this pic is super blurry!)
sand paper, cheese grater, seem riper, tweezers, and good ol scissors
I cut slits with the scissors about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch apart and then used a technique shown in a video I will post below. Basically pulling each string out one by one so as to keep the longer stings intact.

I then used sand paper on the pocket seems and other random spots to wear out the jeans.
TADA!!! This is after I washed them to finish the wear process.

Have fun if you choose to do this!! I'm debating doing a pair of my own was kinda relaxing.

 PS: Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows the process I used.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

So nervous I might wet myself

Ok everyone .... tomorrow is the big day.
Jordon is leaving for summer camp for a WEEK. Like an entire week. Like overnight and all. Like he's only ten and this is his first camp experience and he will be gone for a week.
{deep breaths, deeeeeep breaths}
Jordon hasn't stayed away from home with anyone besides family before (and maybe a neighbor) and I didn't think I was nervous for him to leave, but I am. I know that he will have a TON of fun and that I LOVED going to summer camp as a kid and he is already seeming super excited to be going but I can't help it. I'm nervous.
I'm not afraid that he won't have fun or that he will get hurt or anything like that (although that IS the reality of IS possible) I'm just worried that he will get homesick. He doesn't have a blanky or teddy bear to take obviously....since he is TEN and that may be the quickest way to be labeled as a "baby" ... he doesn't need comfort items here, so what will he take?? How will he be comforted??
I am planning to write him a few letters throughout the week, hoping that will not make things worse but just so that he has something to look forward too from us. Other than that how do you keep a 10yr old from getting homesick?
I bet he won't miss me much
I bet he won't even want to come home after the week is over
I bet everyday after camp I will hear "I'm so booored, I miss summer camp when can I go again?"
He will have a blast! He will make new friends..... if I'm lucky he will gain more independence. Ok, I feel a little better now. 
Have an amazing week Jordon! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A lil' late evening VLOG anyone?!

HOLLA! I am still alive after the 4th festivities! I had a blast ...literally ;).... you should be able to tell if nothing else from the lack of getting ready to look presentable for this vlog. I am TIRED y'all!
So theres that .... and below are some pics that my amazing neighbor/photographer took!

Not sure how we will top this next year.... but I can't wait to see!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

This should knock your socks off

Yep...I am blogging for perhaps the second time this week. Don't quote me on that though because I am too lazy right now to go check and although it FEELS like I just wrote a blog post not too long ago it could have easily been a good week since the last. Don't judge!
If you have learned anything from this blog and myself it looks like it is don't count on me to stick to anything blog post related.
GRRRR why am I so bad at that? Let me explain why things never get completed around here
1.) I hate HATE hate editing most of the time I don't and then my beautiful pics are steal worthy because of my pure laziness. ( I suppose I will keep a look out for a photo-shopped Jaida on the front of a cereal box perhaps?)
2.) I get discouraged when I have to weigh in for something and the day before I was 2 lbs lighter and feeling great but the morning I have to blog all of a sudden I have held on to every ounce of food and water and amazingly am the same if not more that the previous week. Frankly it just pisses me off!
3.) I would VLOG every Friday.... but since these last 2 Fridays I was either gone or not video looking worthy I pulled the plug. I will be back tomorrow.... no matter what time I finally get to it!
3.) I really honestly have been super busy..... making excuses :)
That all being said I will TRY to be more like the blogs of people you can count on. maybe. I mean get over yourself this is my blog and I do what I want. Read it and weep people! J/K I just thought I sounded so hardcore there.
Hope everyone has a SAFE and fun 4th of July!!!
{ shirt: consigned baby gap, pants: carters leggings,  flag bow: Forever 21}
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