Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters is back!!

I completely forgot about Friday's letters!
I completely forgot about all the fun things i used to blog about
I used to have a blogging schedule and I used to write it in my planner.... I used to have a plan!!
I miss it!
So here we meet again Friday, I have some letters for you!

Dear God, Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins and thank you for giving us the true meaning of Easter three days later! Dear Dept. of Corrections, thank you for letting my husband have a day off to spend with his family...there couldn't have been a more perfect day! Dear Malls and shopping centers, why do you have to lure me in with all the neon colors and hello kitty clothes you know I cannot turn away when I have a little girl to dress! on that note Dear Jaida, you are so welcome for all of the clothes that fill your closet....yes I am aware that 25 pairs of shoes and probably 100 shirts may be obsessive for a 9 month old but hey at least your a cutie! Dear itWorks Global, seriously you are the most amazing company I could ever "work" for.... you have changed my life inside and out it only goes up from here! Dear Jordon, For the millionth time NO you cannot wear your new shoes until AFTER Easter Sunday, or your new jeans, or that nice shirt. Please stop asking! Dear Skeptics, it is ok that you are out there.... I was you once, I too was afraid of what I didn't know or understand. I'm just glad I didn't sit there too long! Dear ADHD, Thanks a lot for either making my blogs either more entertaining or harder to follow.
That is all.... TWO posts in one day..... amaze!

It was MY sin!

It's Good Friday people!!
I have always thought the  name was so strange... I mean sure it was GOOD that our sins can be forgiven but how horribly BAD that Jesus had to be crucified in such a horrible manner. I mean I can't even come to terms with saying "HAPPY Good Friday."
I know to many people today is just another day that they go on with their lives. Perhaps your getting ready for Easter Sunday by filling baskets with plastic eggs and candy...don't get me wrong I do that too..... But I truly hope that if even for just a quick minute you STOP and thank the Lord for giving his son for us!!
We will do the usual and watch "Passion of the Christ" just as a visual reminder. Somehow I go into that movie knowing all too well how it plays out but thinking that I will not cry this time since I have seen it so many times. Never...I mean NEVER the case. I will bawl like a baby....nose running and all. How can you not? Don't you feel the pain for Jesus... Doesn't your heart just ache?! Well mine does!
On a side note I am super excited that Jon is off this Sunday and gets to come to church with us as a family! YAY!
I also feel like we may or may not have gone all out getting cute outfits to wear....and by WE I mean myself and the kidlets. Jon will probably wear something he already owns LOL. Sorry babe!
until next time....AKA tomorrow I hope!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

9 months!!

NINE months..... wow! Time is just flying by!! The good news is that although I know I will miss these "baby days" I am so looking forward to watching this little precious girl grow up. I do however think that most of that could be for the sheer selfishness of playing dress up with my own child... I mean I do that now (see this Sundays outfit below) but some things they just don't make in tiny size... or they do but I know she will grow out of it so fast.

 Jaida finally got that belly off the ground and started crawling. I am not a fan. It's cute and all but gone are the days of sitting in piece and here are the days of "Jaida NO...Jaida NOOOO"... "Jaida don't go over there"**stand up and move her** "Jaida come by mommy" **get up move her** "Jaida let's not go towards the stairs" ** turn her around**

It's tiring.

Oh well.... next she will be walking, then running..... at that point I may as well chop off my hair and sell my computer because I will no longer have the time to do my hair and makeup while she just sits and watches, and I DEFINITELY wont have time to blog or Facebook. Thank goodness she still loves to sleep. All. The. Time. :) 

PS:: have y'all ever heard of "Baby Mum Mums" they are like rice crackers and they are amazing.... Jaida has been eating ONE this entire time I have blogged. Next thing you know she will be able to scarf that sucker down in one bite, guess I better learn how to type more than 3 words per minute. haha.

That being said I am outa here my loves, enjoy this beautiful baby pic from yesterday would ya!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

vent o' the day

Clearly I have an underlying reason for blogging..... I have a big mouth. HAHA

I have so much to say that won't fit in daily Facebook status' and even though I share a lot of how I feel about things with my friends sometimes I just like to vent it out there to the blogging world too!

Today on my mind.....

 Ok thats not really on my mind.... I mean today IS Jaida's "9 month birthday" and all (PS the 9 month update will be tomorrow or another day LOL sorry) but I just saw that picture of my belly again and had to repost it I mean DAAAAAAANNNNNGGG guuurl!
On to my real vent'o the day! SKEPTICS! ** also added to this are whiners, downers, non-believers, and the people that just don't think they can do it!**
So here's the thing. I guess for me I just got tired of seeing my friends and other people that I knew finding this freedom that I never thought I was "good enough for" I always figured that my husband would work the "real job" and I would JUST be a stay at home mom (haha JUST ....thats a good one huh mom friends) I tried one avenue of direct sales and was like pssssh no thanks I'm no sales person. I failed. Miserably.
This time I did things differently... I pray for my business. I am determined. Most of all I have decided that nobody is going to tell me that I CANT be successful. Not even myself! There are people making thousands upon thousands monthly and these are people I know. Why can that NOT be me?
This is such a huge blessing and I trust in the Lord. I feel in my heart that this is what I am MEANT to do....I know that all of the favor I am given is so that I can help other people and be a blessing! It is happening for me..... I just wish other people would stop telling themselves that it cannot happen to them!
See you at the top!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wish me luck!!

Ok, so you know how I have been super busy? Well I know I had mentioned kinda quick how I was selling "those crazy wrap things" or "skinny wraps" but that was it. Well itWorks has been a huge blessing to me as far as finding the means of extra income. I was actually really worried that nobody would want anything to do with me after my last direct sales fiasco, but it has been quite the opposite!

I am not sure yet how this next plan I have will go but I am hoping and praying for the best..... here are my thoughts::

#1. I am drinking A TON ( more than half my weight in oz) of water for the next couple days ** I know I always should but I am going to pay close attention for the next few days and really REALLY be on top of this.

#2. I am going to take some before pictures of my tummy (YIKES!!)

#3. I am going to wrap every 72hrs. for a full wrap treatment (4 wraps)

#4. I will be taking fat fighters occasionally, thermofit daily, and using defining gel in between wraps daily as well.

#5. Continue drinking at least half my weight in oz of water daily!

#6. I will take after pics (Hopefully YAY)

#7. **big step** I will POST the pictures!!

I have several friends who are now selling itWorks themselves as well as friends just using the product and have seen plenty of amazing before and after shots..... but nothing makes someone pay attention to how amazing a product is then if I had my own personal testimony.

So here goes nothing!

** No but really people look at these amazing results I have seen on my team facebook pages!!**

{2 wraps in one week}

{1 full treatment= 4 wraps}

{3 wraps}
See it really DOES work!!
** For more info visit my site @ or click the cool button my sister made for me on the left of this page under my bio!!**

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Well look at me... blogging when i just blogged a couple days ago. Can this be happening?

Pinch yourselves people cause here I am!! ** I will however have to pause and take some time to find some pictures to put up cause we all know how much I can't stand blogging with no food for my eyes!**

Anyway, I have been SOOOO busy lately. Like crazy, haven't had a chance to relax busy. Then there is today. I have NO PLANS! It is amazing. I might even put off the 3 loads of laundry and dishes that need to be done and replace that with a trip to the park with the kids and a nap. SHHH don't tell hubs. just kidding!

Can I take a quick second tho to say something..... I'm sure hardly anyone is reading this but you know what makes me sad ( even though I tell myself its unintentional) when you send "friends" on facebook a message, whether just to say "hi, I miss you" or to follow up on something or anything really and then you can see it was read at exactly what time it was read and even days and weeks later they just never respond. First off let me say, being in network marketing and doing a lot of messaging and chatting about business on Facebook can put you in the awkward position to have that happen..... But I'm talking about when I literally just say "HEY!!" or "thought about you today we need to hangout soon!" I am not wanting to meet up to sell you something.... you are my FRIEND ( I thought) are we not friends enough to hang out? I could care less if you reply "sorry I'm super busy I'll let you know when I get a sec" or IF for some reason its business related just say "NO THANKS!" it's really super annoying because look people I know your busy... I get that..... but I am like the busiest person on the planet and every relationship, facebook or not is important to me! I purposely don't read messages that I see in my inbox unless I have a chance to reply because I don't want anyone else to feel this way.

{via google images.... you prob wouldn't reply if i was this boring LOL}
Oh one more side note:: I have found my own success and if I am bringing anything up business related to friends I am trying to help you find the freedom I have found.... not help myself. I hate seeing so many people not applying themselves!! It's a selfish world out there but I truely feel God has put me in this position to bless OTHERS. So please don't think I am contacting you about getting coffee for some hook, line and sinker.... LOL. If you don't think it's for you it's not and you are not hurting my feelings or changing my life at all!!

That's all.... haha!

So now while all you 5 people that aren't even my facebook friends go change your settings -if possible- to remove this feature, I am going to make some banana bread..... because I'm sorry but does the smell alone not make your day complete?! Oh that's just me? Cool.
PS:: If you ARE my friend and did this lately to me..... don't worry I am not singling anyone out!! Also if I do this to you please know I do not mean to at all and prob missed it somehow or just forgot to respond which is what I tell myself is happening to me too :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

oh hey... just me.... a "blogger"

Holy frejoles 11 DAYS?
This is unacceptable.

Welp, here I am again going to pretend I am a "blogger" when I have officially not blogged much AT ALL lately. SAD.

I have used a lot of caps in this post. weird.

You know what I never did??? I never did an update for Jaidas 8 months did I... oh man I'm so lame. well let me post some pics of that right quick.

I could not get a decent pic for the life of me!! I have high standards for my daughters pictures that are going into blog land.

apparently thats not true (see above)
oh well.

On another note I got a HUGE box of clothes from my sister today and I proceeded to look through them and pull them all out to show Jaida and tell her how excited she was to get them. Then I made her put on some skirts and change into a cute sweater coat.

Jaida loves clothes... I know she does... because she's mine and I said so.

I think I have more to say than I thought. I have been putting off blogging and then whipped this out in less than 10 mins.

I don't know the difference between than and then sometimes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Ok, I'm just going to say it. I have faced the facts and blogging has for sure hit the back burner for the time being. BUT there is something burning inside of me that I feel I want NEED to get off my chest!
So.... here goes. My deepest thoughts of the day.
So, lately, I have noticed a lot of people going through a hard time financially. It happens to us all at some point unless your a Kardashian. In a lot of ways I don't really feel like I have the right to stand on a soap box and preach to anyone on this subject, because I have not always been the best with money AT ALL!! However, my husband is great with money and such a wise man who has taught me SO SO much! So I am going to go out on a limb and risk losing friends or making some people mad but it needs to be said....
I hear it all the time " The first and most important thing is the roof over my head and/or the food on my table." or even "God understands that I have to feed my family and can only give what I have left, I have faith that he won't let me starve." guess what..... your wrong. Break out the bible people, I don't  mean to offend anyone but living this way will NEVER pay off. "Your" money is not your money at all, it's HIS! God has specifically told us that we need to trust in him first which means giving him our first 10%
I get it, really I do. It can be scary to part with that much when you don't know how you will feed, clothe, or house your family, but leave that part to God.... because when you trust in him REALLY trust in him, he keeps his promises and will NOT forsake you!
Don't believe me? How about this.... we own a house, have 2 cars, have 2 children with closets FULL of clothes, have cable and Internet, plenty of food and snacks on hand, money in the bank and plenty of other bills...all paid on ONE income at the time being since I am a stay at home mom. Things can get tight at times but if you saw how much we made vs. how much we pay in bills etc. and STILL have money left over it wouldn't even make sense to you. It makes complete sense to us. God is our provider and he consistently provides!
Love to you and yours.... be wise because now you know!! ;)
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