Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Peach and the Pit

welp here comes another good'n as I am still trying to work through what I want my blog to be about etc.
I want it to be about ME. Perfect that's settled.
That being said I have tried to do link ups etc etc and lets face it, I just don't have the time right now to continue to do the same ones everyone else created weekly.... and I really just wanna use this spot to vent right?! of course right.
Let me first start by telling you that it is currently 3:45am and I have to be awake and at church in 5 hours, I am helping out in the nursery. I have not slept yet tonight and although I took a sleeping pill about an hour ago I am STILL wide awake, thus I blog. I have a feeling I will get sleep attacked by the exhaustion ninja around noon (if not sooner) and will have no choice but to stay awake because I've got the baby to tend too. Maybe I can bribe her into a nice little 3 hour nap. It will be days like today that I wish my hubs was off on Sundays like normal people....cause then I would be drifting into dreamland in t minus 10 hours. People, I even tried counting sheep but for some reason the sheep I had were hopped up on something and trying to jump over in groups of 2's and random 3's. I can't control this ADHD brain enough to just count some well trained jumping sheep. What is the world coming too?
.....Speaking of control.....
This post was to introduce a new blog post called
you may think this sounds similar to the  "Peak and the Pit of your day" that was used by this well known for no good reason family below, on their TV show.
If you don't know who they are than I'm not helping you but you might wanna climb out from under that rock!
*** My son however came home one day talking about the PEACH and the pit, at first I laughed because I knew it was PEAK but quickly realized the Peach and the Pit is way cuter so it stuck!***
PEACH=best part of your day/week
PIT=worst part of your day/week

 The PEACH of my week was my son getting to go to VBS sports camp 4 days out of the week!! He had a blast and it was so amazing that they got to learn about a bunch of sports too!! I will throw in some pictures down below! :)

The PIT of my week would be the lack of coffee creamer on my new "eating plan" I know that sounds so silly to a lot of you but no joke...not being able to have my International Delight Caramel Macchiato cream is KILLER! I crave it so bad.... which hubby pointed out is an easy way to determine it was a bad addiction... but for real it makes my mornings seem so blah. I guess I had no idea how much I look forward to that first cup of coffee with cream. YUM. Any suggestions for low sugar creamers (less than 1-2g of sugar haha) or ones that sub with xylitol or stevia....? Can't do the sugar free kinds because they are packed full of even worse chemicals than the original :( boo.
Goodbye my love..... one day I will not be so addicted to you!!
**PS: I was apparently so tired this morning I forgot to post this before I finally fell asleep around 4am. I got up at 7..... it has been a long day and its currently 3pm, the baby took a cat nap in the car on the way home from church so she wont sleep now and I've got tons to do so no nap for me :(  

Friday, June 28, 2013

I wanna go back!!

For serious.... I haven't blogged in forever. I am having a lazy couple weeks. I shouldn't be allowed to go on vacation if I can't get back on my game when I return.
I plan on doing a vlog later on today or tomorrow but right now all I want to do is sleep and its a bajillion degrees out (actually only like 80 and I'm a wuss) what is wrong with me....I need energy!
Promise I will also fill y'all in on how amazing my vacation actually was! Let's just say the first thing I thought this morning when I woke up was "'s already been a week since we were on our way to vaca" time goes too fast.
Here is a picture to hold you over.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meet Jorge

Let me start by saying...don't you DARE judge me for this blog post.
I know I have started and made a million excuses to stop then miserably failed several times....BUUUUT here we go again. I feel like I have yo-yo'd for the last time on this diet roller coaster. I have succeeded with several "diets" but have never maintained the lifestyle change. I lost about 20lbs doing weight watchers FOUR times. Then I lost 30lbs years ago doing a program called Kinetix. Lastly after getting pregnant and giving birth to Jaida I have lost 40lbs (well from literally the day I gave birth I have lost over 60lbs but I left the hospital having already lost about 20lbs) and I am back to my "pre Jaida weight" but let's remember PRE Jaida I was not happy with my weight yet. 
I think I have finally found a lifestyle change that I can stick to. This is where I introduce you to Jorge.
"Hello Jorge Cruise" you say. Well here's the thing...Jorge is not down with the belly fat. I mean who IS really?? If you are, well you shouldn't be because having fat in your mid-section is the worst place you could carry it, and I'm talking about being bad for those organs of yours!! He wrote a book...well he has written several....but his most recent is called "The 100" and he has been on several talk shows promoting it recently which is where we "met" ( duh we didn't actually meet since I was clearly sitting on my couch watching talk shows eating bon bons like every other stay at home mom....and YES I am being sarcastic because we SAHMs work hard people!)
I am actually not reading that book because I wasn't sure if it was something I could stick too and I didn't want to buy ANOTHER "diet book" to add to the pile. SO instead I borrowed his book "the belly fat cure" for free on my kindle with my Amazon Prime account! So far I have yet to come across another book chalk full of recipes and food swaps that actually sound good. I mean the guy even wrote a weekly menu plan for almost completely FAST FOOD....madness. If that doesn't feel like real life when your a busy mom I don't know what does. I don't mean we will be eating fast food more often AT ALL because I still don't believe it is healthy, however if you must grab food on the run why not know WHAT food to grab...right?
I will **hopefully** keep you updated via blogging about this...but like everything, if it doesn't workout a couple weeks in you may never hear about it. I have faith though and think I have found something I can stick to!!
From here on out I count all food into a daily value of 15/6...that's 15g of sugar a day and no more than 6 servings of carbs (20g=1 serving)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Guess what came in the mail?

No more "Coffee Date" link up... I'm doin my own thing and callin' it
 I wanted to get this video up so you can all see the exciting things that came in my mail today!!
Before you watch this video let me just say a couple things....
1. I don't know why I swallow so dang hard sometimes
2. The "greens" product I sell are NOT new the BERRY FLAVOR is new, but it sounds like I'm saying it's a new product. That would be false.
3. My side hair seems poofy in this video but I am so over recording myself 2412807 times before I put a video up so from now on you get what you get.... 100 "ummms" and all. LOL
4. I say I'm busy just "hanging out with my husband and daughter" as if Jordon doesn't matter...not the case he is just in school during the time I'm "hangin out" once he gets home I'm usually cookin dinner etc. So don't judge me like I play favs. haha.
Lastly... Yes there is a band aid on my finger and it annoyed the crap outa me when recording but no I'm not dying from this paper cut, I think I will be alright thanks for caring in advance ;)
Here are some pics. I'm about to run so I don't have time to edit and I know people wanted to see so here ya go!
please just tilt your own head I am too busy to edit this right now lol

again a little tilt of the head and your gravy!
Lastly Here is the link to my biz It's Skinny Time! Let me know if you wanted to take part in the $20.00 per wrap customer appreciation week that ends Sunday!
Have an awesome weekend kiddos!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Monthly Refashion #1

Alright people.... So one of the things on my 30 by 30 list was to "refashion" at least one item a month so here goes numero uno!
So I may or may not have cheated for my first blog refashion project.... This really didn't take much at all hahaha. No sewing needed or anything, just a seam ripper!
Bought this Baby Gap jacket for $3.50 at a consignment store in size 3-6 months... now it's too small
soooooo.... I decided to cut off the sleeves!
Just use a handy dandy seam ripper and rip those suckers clean off!!
Boom! Jacket sans sleeves= jean vest...TOTALLY TRENDING!

 TA DA!!! The seamed ripped sleeve area gives it age and looks perfect for this style I think!!

Now here's the cutie patootie modelin it for you! ;)

LOOK at the camera Jaida......
"whatya want mom"


Friday, June 7, 2013

Jaida's Vlog Take Over

Well someone was getting jealous of my Vlog today and wanted to do her own.... She wanted to show off her mad dancing skillz too apparently!
Here goes nuthin!


Poppin' Tags Vlog!

First of all...maybe I should change Friday's "Coffee Date" vlog to an evening thing now that Jon is working evenings and will be home in the mornings. I just don't have time to be on my computer makin videos while he's here. That being said here comes my THIRD edition of "Friday Coffee Date"
ps: sorry about the constant moving my hair out of my face grrrr I hate that!
Here's the haul again!! All name brand...most with tags...LESS than 20 bucks!!
From left to right... Pink Baby Gap sweatshirt, Purple Polka Dot Sweater from Children's Place, Flower leggings from Carters, 4th of July Baby Gap shirt, Zebra and hot pink Vans, Pink Velour(sp?) sweatpants from Osh Kosh, Multi-color tee from Children's Place. 
** watch for the monthly 25 cents sale at Kidz Kaboodle the last weekend of every month!! Everything is only 25 cents!**
Thanks for hangin with me peeps!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Ultimate Decision Maker

Do you ever think you want something and then God gives you something completely different? All of a sudden you are so glad that he is the one in charge and doing the decision making for you.
I felt this way when I was pregnant with Jaida. I had convinced myself and told everyone who asked "Do you hope it's a girl this time?" that NO, in fact I was sure I wanted another boy. I figured I knew how to handle boys and Jordon would be so much happier with a brother that I truly never even thought that any part of me would love having a daughter. My mind skipped right past the glitter and frill, it didn't even allow me to imagine a future tiny dancer. I never stopped to think about things that I loved and passions I had that could be passed down only to a little girl.
In fact I remember getting frustrated when people would say they just KNEW I was going to have a girl. I loathed the comments about how having a girl was practically necessary after having a boy, as if I would be missing something if I didn't.
I wanted a BOY.
I thought.
The first thing I thought when I was told I was having a girl was " dang it, Jon was right" immediately followed by the fear of not being the princess in the house anymore. Then as soon as we got in the car to drive away I realized....
I wanted a GIRL.
I had wanted a girl the entire time. I hadn't been able to admit to myself and others that I hoped I was having a girl because I didn't want people to feel sorry for me if I had another boy. I didn't want to be let down. I thought I wanted a boy because that is what I knew.... but God knew much better. He knew I needed a girl.  
So thanks God for doing the decision making in this situation and so many others!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gotta Run!

Alright lovelies....
It is a new month.
That means time to commit to eating right, losing weight, working out, keeping play dates, organizing the house, making a blog schedule, setting up business meetings, charting my month, filling out my planner, learning to love running, reading more, meal planning, list writing, grocery shopping.....
All to just give up in a week because I can't start everything at once and realistically keep it going. Why is it that when I want to start something new it HAS to start on a Monday or the 1st of a new month. Just makes sense to my brain. It does NOT however make sense mentally
Kinda like that last comment
I seem to always run my life and my blog in a feast or famine sorta way. I'm all in or all out but can never seem to find a happy medium. My months usually start strong and finish weak...because I get exhausted and give up. This has got to stop!!
Everyone says to conquer one thing at a time but the problem with that is by the time I conquer everything on my long list it will be next year! Maybe that isn't so bad, but have I mentioned that I have no patience?!
So how about I at least commit to learning to run :) I kinda have to because Jon wants to run with me so I can't let him down.
Maybe I will try this....
wish me luck!!
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