Friday, May 31, 2013

Coffee Date! { Vlog }

Hey Everyone....
So first of all let me warn you this vid is 7 ( yes SEVEN) minutes long.... I don't know why that just seems SOOOO long to me this morning.
I was going to link up but I don't see anyone else linking today...yet.... so it may just be me :)
Have a great Friday Loves!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'll forgive you this ONCE

Have you ever made something you saw on pinterest and it didn't work as planned?
Yep me too.
Case and Point::
clearly the top is what Pinterest promised would be my end result....the bottom is the ACTUAL end result!
You lied Pinterest....and I knew by the way those golden brown OBVIOUSLY fried crab ragoons looked in the picture, but I trusted you!! I thought you were different. I thought I could bake into deliciousness what only oil can do.
Consider us OVER!!
Syke.... take me back .....Please. I really can't live without you.
I forgive you.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ain't NOBODY got time for FAT!!

Amen to that!!
So I have tons of people asking for more info on the itWorks business...wondering what exactly we have to offer since it is more than JUST "skinny wraps." I haven't really even shared much yet with the blog world either so I figured nows the time to get it all out there!

Many of you have heard of ItWorks.... some of you may be wondering what I am talking about and  others want to know what its all about but just haven't asked.

That’s where I come in!

This company and its products are so amazing and I can truly say it is changing my life!! Not only am I transforming my body inside and out but I am helping other people to do the same and gaining financial freedom one step at a time.

I couldn't be happier that I said YES to this opportunity when I didn't feel like it was even a  possibility to achieve my goals and dreams at that time. I only wish I had not been so afraid to start  sooner!

I just want to highlight some of my favorite products.... maybe some of them could help YOU!
  1. The Ultimate Body Applicator. ( The Wrap ):

Like most people I was a total skeptic.... until I wrapped. What the WHAAAAT...its MAGIC!

It’s a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming results where applied to the skin.

If you're like me and have stretch marks it will help those too! Mine are almost invisible now.

You can wear the wrap for as little as 45 minutes.... I leave mine on overnight for the max results! The wrap continues working for 72hrs. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. "the more you drink the more you shrink" I always say.

Results typically last between 2-6 months, but with a healthy lifestyle results may be permanent!


A full application is a box of wraps, which is 4 wraps.

Retail: $99

Loyal Customer: $59


They can be purchased for $25 each from me!

2.The Greens

Do you eat all of the fruits and veggies you should everyday? If not you need this product! Green is an orange flavored, alkalizing drink powder with the nutritional value of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving! It also promotes pH Balance in your body.

Retail: $40

Loyal Customer: $28

Greens On The Go
Retail: $49

Loyal Customer: $33

** We will be introducing a berry flavor within the next month or so!**

3. The Defining Gel ( magic in a bottle!!)

This is an intensive skincare gel that deeply hydrates while also firming areas where applied. With regular use the defining gel minimizes the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins. I love to use this in between wrap applications to boost my results. The gel can be applied twice daily to any problem areas!

Retail: $79

Loyal Customer: $45


4. Fat Fighters

It is ok to give in to cravings once in awhile when you have ItWorks Advanced Formula Fat Fighters with Carb Inhibitors. Simply take 2 tablets during or up to 60 minutes after each meal.

It will absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food so that your body doesn’t.


Retail: $33

Loyal Customer: $23

There are so many more products... Stretch mark cream, facial applicators, and protein powder just to name a few.

You really can't beat the loyal customer pricing and it is FREE to join!

Here is how the program works:

I hope that clears up any questions you may have had! If you are interested in any of these products or have questions about starting your own business contact me!

You can also click the link to the left to go directly to my website

 also "LIKE" my page (It's Skinny Time) on facebook for before and after pictures and additional information!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Glasses for under 5 bucks....say whaaaaaat?!

First let me say that when I get a good deal or am VERY happy about a product I tell the world about it!
Obviously the main reason I got into the "skinny wrap biz" because I loved those product so much that I wanted to sell them!!
Anyway... I have found another company that I LOVE!
You NEED to visit if you wear prescription glasses!! Have you guys seen these ads EVERYWHERE?...or is it just me because big brother is watching and I have needed new glasses for awhile now!?!
well I was a total skeptic ( like I am with everything haha) I have actually visited the site several times over the last few months. Even uploaded a pic of myself ...this blurry lil' piece of work that I could virtually "try on" glasses, but after awhile I started paying more attention to how big my nose has gotten since I have had kids and the glasses all started to look just wrong for me. It was kind of like when you write out a word and then look at it a hundred times trying to decide if its spelled right or just looks funny...just me? cool.
horrible "try on" pic
Long story short I made Jon choose between  6 pairs that I had added to my "favs" list. He had to look at me with all of them on...virtually of course.... and pick what looked best.
And then I vetoed his choice and picked the ones I liked instead. classic move right there. So I added them to my cart, put in my RX info and before paying entered the coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE then BAM my total went from like 80 bucks (which is still amaze for glasses!) to $4.95
In case your not hearing me...LESS THAN 5 SMACKERS PEOPLE!
This was TWO DAYS AGO and guess what showed up today

I was so excited I almost let the baby cry while I ripped into the box.... but she was super hungry and I suppose that was more important ;) but once she laid down for her nap it was ON!
I tore open the box to find this....



TA DAAA!!! They are absolutely perfect!! Not to mention I had my eyes checked almost a year ago now and the prescription has been just sitting in my wallet waiting for a deal like this to come along! So thanks Big Brother for stalking me with ads.... apparently your not the only one watching ;)
PS:: Let me leave you with this little gem..... this is the look of an innocent babe....
about to poop in the tub. TWICE

**This post is not sponsored and is completely based on my personal experience and my own opinions. **

Friday, May 24, 2013

First ever Vlog!! FRIDAY COFFEE DATE

Decided to join in the hype that is VIDEO BLOGGING! (vlogging)
While I was doing my daily stalking blog reading last Friday I ran into this fun little idea.... it's called "coffee date"
so I'm going to be linking up with Alissa at rags to stitches
soooooo........ yeah...ummmmm I am NOT a fan of video blogging. #1 I am the worlds worst critic and #2 I don't like to watch myself and wonder if that is really how I look all the time (which it obviously is)
Ugh... I prefer to hide behind the computer and only show edited/photshopped or instagram pics. AKA not the "real me. hahahaha
welp. here goes nuthin'

Thursday, May 23, 2013

30 by 30

 Welp...... Wish me luck! This list took me about 3 hours to complete ( that is how serious I am to stick to them!) I wanted to mix a little of my dream board with some things that I already have in the works. As I work this list I will come back often to cross off the things I have completed.
Stick with me people I'm on a mission!

Only ONE month left...eeeeep!

 I have been super busy these last few weeks. Spending time with my sister and her family as they visited from Colorado.... spending time with hubs while he was on vacation from work.... and lots and lots of lazy down time that I totally should have just found a little time to blog or SOMETHING!! I don't know about everyone else but whenever I allow myself more than a day to "do nothing" it quickly turns into a month of wasted time and procrastination! Gotta stop that!! Time management people time management!

After all that I literally took NO pictures :(  Jordon had his 10th birthday pics. Hung out with tons of family and my pics. Enjoyed the sun and time pics.


So here we are It is a new day, and I have a chance to start fresh. As my sister once said "if you are a blogger, you take pictures of EVERYTHING!" (side note... I should tell HER that if she is a blogger she needs to blog more than once a month **cough cough**) So let me try a little harder to do just that!

Let's to an update on the baby...who is almost a toddler now AHHH!!

note she turned 11 months on the 19th whoopsy daisy


You are more and more precious as the days fly by. You have such an enormous personality and are just so smart and entertaining, I could watch you play for hours! You are already "talking back" by saying "NOOOO" to almost everything.... boy does that roll off your tongue too easily. You seem to think it is the most fun these days to throw everything off of your highchair tray at meal time. Not cool baby girl! You are still not walking (which is fine with me!!) but you pull yourself up on everything and pull things down from everything else LOL.
You cruise around on furniture but won't let go.... maybe you get that from me, mama has a fear of failure shhhh.
Daddy and I thought since now you are eating pretty much what we eat that we would start letting you try sips of whole milk..... funny well not so funny thing is WE don't even drink cows milk anymore. Either way the dr. told us we could start the transition off of formula, and because I pretend you are a mini person rather than an infant we gave you a sippy cup with formula/whole milk mix.(only like an oz of whole milk)
 You did drink it...a couple times over the last few days... and then today we noticed that you had a small rash around your mouth, you have daily diaper blow outs and boy have you been FUSSY!! I'm sorry baby girl if your tummy is hurting..... we won't be giving that to you again!
We are now trying rice milk and hoping to eventually have you join the rest of us in drinking coconut milk :)
Mama loves her coconut milk!
You are still sleeping all the time! (630pm-8am with 2 or 3 naps a day!) We were blessed with you being such an angel baby...You have such a wonderful personality and are so smart ...such a good baby!!! Now let's carry this into the pre-teen and teenage years shall we?!
Your hair is crazy long and all different lengths making it hard to do anything.... seriously drives me nuts! Your bangs are in your eyes but I have already cut them 3 time since birth and I would rather pin them back at this point. You are finally wearing 12 month old clothes (mostly) which is a little sad saying goodbye to some of your cute little things...but bring on the style now!!!
We just had your drs. apt this week and you weigh 20lbs. and are 28.5 inches tall
pretty much 50 percentile on all the charts.
I Love love LOVE you sweet girl!!
Now....onto some out takes and "selfies"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


How bout' a dash of about THAT people!! So if you are keeping track of all of my recent blog fails you can stop because I am about to compile them all for you in one easy place.
Right. Herrrrr, ready. GO
Fail #1: This Post committing to blogging everyday in May. Pssssh what was I thinking? Do I know me? Yes Erin you do have a lot to say, however not all of it is blog worthy.... keep this in mind and tell yourself daily.
moving on
Fail #2: My sad attempt to link up with some other blogs for mothers day. I did the first one late at night and figured I would just link the next one....and then I bet you can guess how that ended. Just like this sentence, cause that was it.
Lastly (so far)
Fail #3: Soooo remember a couple weeks ago when I was all gung ho on blogging about my weight loss journey? No...? oh that's probably because I did 2 blog posts then disappeared. here's a refresher. Oh don't worry I have been weighing myself every Wednesday, but in between all the cake and birthday parties I may or may not have "forgotten" to be trying to be more healthy. So without the corny scale picture I will just tell you. Today I weigh....
163 lbs
That means I have only lost ONE el bee in two weeks. Sad.
Now back to this bag of cheeto puffs
from Trader Joes. ugh get off me people I never eat this crap.
Please pass the Nutella.
One day at a time....ONE DAY

Can I get a do over...

Do you ever start something and then look back months later when it is not where you want it to be and think...uh yeah DO OVER PLEASE.

Yup me too...story of my life! So I know I have mentioned somewhere before (probably my first blog) that I have slight OCD when it comes to organization, calendars, planners, notebooks...really anything that requires me to write things out by hand. Which oddly enough I also prefer to typing. whatevs.
This "problem" started in high school when we were required to keep notebooks or journals etc in class. I would sometimes have half of a least a good 50 pages or more.... completely written on from all my note taking and then with one slip of the pen my handwriting would change or start looking funny, or I would spell something wrong IN PEN. White out was to obvious that I had made a mistake and no way was I going to just let it fly so what would I do you ask. Rewrite the entire notebook of course.

I know what you're thinking here by the way "why didn't you just use pencil...DUH"

Well I also have issues with the way a pen writes. I am VERY particular.

I am still this way with my planner from Erin Condren BUT I do use pencil and white out when needed. It is color coded and honestly I would cry if I ever lost it. **side note I am DYING to order my new one but they are not revealing it until June** EEEEEP!

My point to this story is that I often live this nightmare everyday when looking at my blog and/or past blog posts. Sometimes I just want to start completely new. With a plan, and a blogging schedule and a new template and web address and pretty pictures and buttons all that fancy stuff that I would later complain took too long to create when all I am here to do is vent and share stories about my life.

Ugh ..... how do you move on when your tastes change everyday? or when you are constantly rethinking everything?! How do you blog when you have ADHD?

That being said, bear with me people.... I think the blog may undergo another makeover soon.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Posh baby! :)

 I know... it's my mom's "gave birth to me day" ;) 
I also know it is "weigh-in Wednesday"
BUT I have something waaaaaaaaaaaay more important that just came to my attention in the blogging world that I seriously HAVE to put in first today.
So I was stalking reading Kaitlyn's blog (over at wifessionals) and you guys she has come up with the most brilliant idea ever....serious...EVER.
So I don't know how much you can tell by the scattered pics of Jaida dressed like my little mini in "adult style" clothes, but trust she is the most stylish baby that I know!! So anyway... Kaitlyn's new biz TWICE AS POSH is up and running on instagram! Here is what it is in her words:
Twice As Posh is a place for you to buy and sell fashionable kids clothing.
The cool thing is, is that it will be run completely through a central instagram account.
Anyone can buy from Twice As Posh!
If you want to sell items, all you have to do is email me to get approved. Once approved, you will have the password to the Instagram account.
The only requirements to buy or sell is that you must have your own personal instagram account and be able to use Paypal.
When you want to sell something, you just snap a picture, include your personal instagram handle (so we know who is selling), and you're all set!
Other mamas can comment when they want to buy something and then you deal with them directly. There is no catch, no fees and no middle man.
AHHHHH! I am so excited...maybe TOO excited. I love me some social media...I love me some Instagram AND I for sure love me some "posh" baby cuteness for cheaper than dirt prices! So I will for sure be hitting this up on the daily! (No hubs i did NOT say buy things daily.... but I may have thought it)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday #2

Alright people..... we are on week #2 of the 8 week challenge so that means it is time to weigh in!!

Well...there it is. Do you want the good news or the bad news.....
Ok, so the good news is I lost 2.2 el bees  (haha get is LBS) and the bad news is Im still in the 160s I totally slacked on the exercising this week AND the meal planning! Wow glad I joined a challenge and then really just didn't change anything except for take my supplements etc. all week. Kinda like the blog everyday in May challenge that I am also failing!!
Maybe I should stop taking on challenges...OR.....maybe just stick to them!
Also this week I have another dilemma, I want to wrap my tummy to tighten and firm it more BUT I also want to wrap my arms. So what do y'all say to wrappin the arms today and then wrappin the belly in 72hrs. Good? Ok, I'm down! ;)
oh ps...this is not me :)

Need to tighten up these arms! Don't worry people I will also do some free weights and push ups etc... I gotsta get on my grind sheesh!
Here goes week TWO!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interview with myself

First of all... Happy Cinco De Mayo
Second of all..... did anyone notice I totally failed the "Blog everyday in May" thing that I started two days ago. I didn't blog yesterday because it was so nice that I spent a lot of time outside and by the time I remembered about blogging it was so late i figured it just wasn't worth it. Whoopsy. Forgive me?
Ok.... onto todays bloggy.
In celebration of Mother's Day next week, I am going to participate in this fun little 3 part link up


Part UNO ( see...cause it IS Cinco De Mayo and all)
An Interview With Myself

1. Before you ever even had children, how did you feel about being a mother?
Welllll.... Since I had my son when I was still a kid really I'm really not sure what I thought about it. I think I always wanted kids but seriously thought I would decide that later on in my life.... with my husband. I also went through lots of phases where I "was never going to get married" and I "never wanted kids" but deep down I really never gave it much thought.

2. Since becoming a mother, what is something that has happened that you never thought would?
Well there have been a lot of things happen that I honestly never thought would. With my son at least. Being naive at 18 I never thought that 10 years later my son wouldn't even know his dad anymore. I wish more teen moms REALLY understood the huge impact that will have on their child/children. Those statistics that mean nothing to them now will mean everything when they fall into those categories. WAIT for your husband.....WAIT for your future children!!

3. Is being a mother less difficult, more difficult or exactly how difficult you imagined?
It is by far MORE difficult than I imagined! I never realized how much work parenting is. I'm not even talking about the daily cooking, cleaning, yada yada. I mean the discipline, the patience, the fact that that child is another human with a completely separate brain than yours. The fact that you cannot control everything they do because they make their own decisions when you're not around. It feels like I am constantly thinking "welp, I could have done that better...." or " I wish I hadn't done it that way..."

4. What is your fondest memory of being a mother (so far)?
Singing "Twinkle Twinkle" with Jordon when he was about 8 months old and opening and closing my fists.... he started doing it too and I realized right that moment that I would never share this same moment with him again because everyday he was getting older. It may seem so silly but it really makes you realize you need to spend time with your kids because you won't have that day back ever again!

5. If your children only learn one life lesson from you, what do you hope it is?
I hope that both of my children follow hard after God! I hope that they learn that HE is the answer...and that NOTHING is too big for him!

LOVE these two!

This was the pool..... their faces crack me up!

Now I'm off to watch Amazing Race!

Friday, May 3, 2013

I wanna play!!

Sooooo...... I suck at these things. No you guys I am really, really bad. I have started a few times to do the photo a day challenge and I fail miserably every.single.time.
So wish me luck would ya!
I actually have a pretty jam packed blogging schedule set up for May, BUT I have a few days of nothingness and I decided I am up for this challenge!
*side note* Is it weird that I only like link-ups with pretty buttons or ones that "match"my blog?
I already blogged today, about the amazingness that is my sons 10th birthday here, but he chose to stay the night with my parents, hubby is at work and the baby is fast asleep... so here I am ....back in blog- land.... my second home!
Here's the thing, I am not going to play "catch up" so I am starting here on day 3 with:
::Things that make you uncomfortable::
LOL...what DOESN'T make me uncomfortable? I have an acute anxiety disorder so I live a lot of my life in discomfort. If you know me you would probably say I am "outgoing" and I would say that too, but after really thinking about this I've decided that I am just really good at faking being comfortable by using humor. Here are some of the main things that make me especially uncomfortable;
1.) Talking on the phone - Not to sound like everyone else who wrote this today but for real, talking on the phone is NOT my thing. Honestly unless you are my husband, mom, or sister I am probably slightly uncomfortable. Matter of fact I usually leave my phone on silent so that I don't have to lie if I miss a call.... because I WANT to miss calls, and then I will text when I notice I have missed your call instead of just calling you back. When I do have to make a phone call I usually put it off as long as possible and call right before I have to do something important that will force me to say "Oh hey, I just pulled into blah blah blah let me call you back" and then I will text later. maybe.
If you really need me fast text or Facebook and I bet you will hear back purdy quick like.
2.) Going to events alone. You know when someone invites you to something and the only other person you will know is the host/hostess. I hate that! Usually unless I feel totally obligated or maybe if my kids will be there as well I won't be showing  up. I know the person who invited me will have to spend time with everyone which means a lot of time for me to sit facebooking on my phone to avoid...ummm people watching and eavesdropping....which looks really awkward to everyone else around.
3.) Attention- Ok if you know me, NO, this is not someone else writing my blog. It's true, I used to love to be the center of attention...and sometimes still do... but I hate when the attention is like someone is praising me in front of people, etc. I am great with quick compliments so please keep them coming HAHA but seriously a whole conversation about me is totally unnecessary!
that's all for today people I'm tired!


My boy is TEN today!!



I mean really ten whole years ago you came into this world Jordon Trey! I cannot even believe it has been that long! Even though I was a "teen mom" and your first 10 years of life may not have been what I would have wished for you I am so proud that you have become the little, dare I say it.... PRE TEEN that you have become! You are the most loving, caring young man and truly the BEST big brother in the world ( Jaida says so!)
I love that you have a heart of gold and your love for Jesus is amazing! Son, you are going to go far in this world and I cannot wait to see what the next ten years hold for you!
Thank you for playing a part in making me the mommy I am today. Although I am still not perfect we are doing this life together and that makes me super excited!!
I Love you!

Ps.... Do you think we could celebrate by getting you a haircut tomorrow ;)

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