Friday, January 25, 2013

Rambly Rambleson


I know I am losing some people because I am not being one of those "good bloggers"... you know the ones who can see past the everyday madness and still sit down to type a good post. ( Maybe even not a good one...just a rambling one like this will be HA!) I have failed. I have slipped up. I have let my blog fall. I am sorry blog....and I am sorry followers! 

Let me put it like this... I picked up a side job ( that was awful and I quickly stopped that!) also I have another job that I am doing kinda on the side of being a stay at home mom, and that is taking a lot of time and energy but I love it! On top of everything I am still trying to keep the laundry from piling up to the ceiling. The dishes are heading in that same direction so I need to get to those ASAP. All while following along with a book for women's bible study, spending time with the hubs, taking care of the kiddos, planning and making dinners daily, and babysitting other peoples kids as well. I am busy. Yet today I feel not as busy, but my head feels heavy and full of a gazillion To Do lists!

I want a nap but my ADHD never allows it.

I have time ...usually every night from 10pm until whenever I put my head on the pillow that I could be blogging.... but instead I make headbands and hats and try to teach myself how to knit. 

Someday I will have a daily schedule that makes sense

One that leaves time for everyday blogging

Until then I hope you stick with me for my updates and other craziness as I try to find the time.

I love you blog.... don't give up on me just yet!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's official... she is getting too big!

My baby.
My only little girl.
My last biological child.
I don't know about you but boy do I feel like time just slips away from me. I am having a hard time believing that it has been SEVEN months since Jaida was born. Holy moly. I mean for reals people that means we are over the half way point until this little bundle of joy turns ONE. eeeeek! I love to watch her grow and learn new things but at the same time I just want her to stay this small forever! I love that I can put her on the floor with some toys and she stays there. I love that she will still nap in her carseat. No matter where we are. I love that she doesn't talk back. yet. I love that when she wakes up she just lays in her crib and talks to herself until mommy gets her. I love that right now her life is simple... in all things that is the one thing I wish stayed the same for my kiddos. I wish life would always be simple!
::Here she is folks::

 You are such a good little baby. It is so fun to watch you learn new things everyday. I know you are frustrated that you can't seem to figure out how all of your friends do this "crawling" thing, but mommy likes it that way. You will get it eventually, and I will not be prepared. I'm sure if I blink you'll be up walking or running away from me. You love your "brubba" more and more everyday, I bet you two will be close even if you are 9yrs. apart in age. You "talk" all the time and I love to listen even if it is "dada, dada, dada." You have all of a sudden decided to give great big cuddles every time I get you out of your crib. I cannot even begin to explain to you how good that feels. If it wasn't mean I think I would put you back and pick you up over and over again! You still love your bath! You love to kick your legs really hard and splash water everywhere.... enjoy that now while your daddy still says it's "cute." Mommy had to raise the seat on your jumperoo so I guess you're getting taller! You are eating 3 "meals" a day and still drinking 4 bottles. You don't have a favorite food yet.... you eat almost everything!

Here are the monthly shots!

until tomorrow people!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dang you backspace!

Today should be Friday Letters day.....

Guess what I did? I wrote out the ENTIRE blog. Re-read it and laughed at my witty little self. Then put in the HTML coding and was about to pop in some pics when BAM.... I clicked something, no idea what, maybe something as innocent as backspace, and lost it all.


I just cannot redo the whole thing. It took to long and I have things to do. I apologize my beautiful bloggy friends because it was a good'n.

Lamesauce.....SUPER lamesauce.

I will be back tomorrow however to update y'all on the baby. She will be seven months old tomorrow. SEVEN people! Where the crap did time go?? probably the same place my last blog post went ugh!

Oh well I will dwell on this all day get over it! Check out this headband I made for the baby the other day. Perhaps she will wear this for her update post. Love!
Untitled by A dash of time blog
Welp gotsta run because my perfect little girl has decided to cut an hour off of her morning nap. Say whaaaaaaaa? please go back to sleep child!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweaty hands and crawling skin!!

I'm sick. and I hate being sick! BOO :( 
So.... do you ever get in one of those moods. You know the ones where you sit down at the computer and even if you had all the time in the world you just don't FEEL like blogging. Maybe it's just me. But I had blogged on Sunday, then just didn't FEEL like reading it through and adding pictures so I just moved on with my day. Then yesterday I thought about blogging all day, but I thought about sleeping more.
I am tired of this cold... it's wiping me out!
That being said, I am still sick and I really don't feel "bloggy" today. I did have to show you these videos though.... seriously do you ever watch something that makes your palms sweat?? When I was watching this Russian guy climbing along this crane with no safety equipment I was seriously nervous. Nervous enough to jump when my husband tapped my shoulder, like I thought I was going to fall.
Check it out!! 
Then there is this one that makes my skin crawl!! This guy sprayed this huge spider to death and then a parasitic worm came spiraling out of its skin! BARF.... see for yourself
Time to rest.... pray this cold or flu goes away as quick as it came ( even though its already been over a week UGH.)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Savings Plan? I think YES!!

Ok peeps check this out.... A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I am all over it!

Basically for every week of the year you deposit that amount into the bank
It's not the standard " 3 months of income" savings plan by any means but for someone like me ( a spender NOT a saver) this is the perfect start!!
Not to mention the fact that hubs would be glad I saved something instead of spent it! He is so good with money unlike some people **cough cough ME**
Well.... who's in???

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters and such

Hello Friday, we meet again! I was excited for you to get here this week (for once) because I had nummy dinner plans AND the boy was going to my parent's for the night..... but all of that was scratched when that same boy decided to stretch the truth about forging my signature on his homework. It took a lot not to laugh when I saw his poor efforts to sign my name in his 3rd grade cursive, and even poorer efforts to erase the evidence.

Untitled by A dash of time blog
Nice try kiddo!
When confronted and asked about this THREE times he said it wasn't him who tried to sign for me.....So parental duties called and consequences were given. No more fun Friday night. Bummer. ** He did finally say he did it, AFTER he was told he was staying home tonight**
Enough about that however, it's time again for

Dear Sean (from the Bach), it's official... you really only have 2 MAYBE 3 good contenders this season. Pretty sure you had more options in the real world than this crap! But it makes for great TV!Dear "lovely" ladies on The Bachelor, Somehow I doubt that you are leaving a good impression on Sean (or the viewers) by falling during an awkwardly timed back handspring in a long tight dress, drinking more than the Hoff would in a YouTube video, or by begging for a kiss claiming "I swear I'm not contagious!" but hey it was worth the try right?! Dear Cherry Halls cough drops, I should've known when hubs tried to convince me that you didn't taste like every other disgusting cherry medicine out there that it was a trick. I ate you anyway, gross! Not to mention that I wasn't prepared for you to break open and be filled with a numbing cherry filling as well! Double Gross! Dear Jillian Micheal's, Hey girl HEEEEEY, I know I'm not on the Biggest Loser (thank you very much that I don't have THAT much to lose) however I have really missed your face on my workout videos.... don't worry, my husband must have known because he brought you home in video game version this, me and the Wii. It's on. Dear Pizza, I don't think its a good idea for me to eat you several times a week, you are not healthy (bummer) and you will probably sabotage my diet. (PS: If you see Jillian anytime soon please don't tell her that you and I still hang out.... but by the looks of her 6 pack and those arms you probably don't visit her much.) Dear Jaida, I know all your little baby friends might be learning how to crawl now, but don't worry you don't need to!! Mommy really isn't ready to chase you around yet. PS: I also don't care that you have no teeth yet because your little gummy smile melts my heart. Dear never-ending cough, AHHHH I HATE YOU... and I don't mean that lightly at all. You have extended your stay for long enough.... now beat it!

That's all for today dolls!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well that's Pinteresting

So sometimes (read daily) I pinterest....

and sometimes I find really cool things.... ok I ALWAYS find really cool things.

 I have been feeling so "fallish" ( a little late since it's winter... then again boots and scarves are for winter too I suppose) I wanted to learn some new ways to wear scarfs.
Here was my first Pinspiration::
and here is my first sorta close attempt.... looking at these I think I need to watch that video again and follow along a little better. Hey it is a start at least!

---- I also did a little search via Pinterest on little girl's style and decided to make Jaida an infinity scarf too! ***side note:: It is really only for pictures or for when I am closely watching her, I realize an infinity scarf and a 6 month old don't mix***
also made that cute flower headband to match that is lost in her mass of hair.
(All I did was cut the bottom off of an old shirt ... no sewing, no fuss!!)
Have you dolls made anything from Pinterest lately??

Monday, January 7, 2013

Every Parent needs to be aware!

Today my post is serious. I was cruising around the internet and found the saddest blog post ever BUT it is such an eye opener.
This is a story about Kimberly and her precious daughter. Friends, I was in tears when I read this story and as sad as it is I think that every parent should read it! I couldn't just read this post and move on with my day, I had to share it with you.
So trust me you will need some tissues but I am doing my part and making people aware.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Sunday Social of 2013!

Hey you...yes YOU it's that time again to link up and get social!
Sunday Social

1. Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year?
Not right this second. I did really well on the no sugar thang..... and now it's moderate amounts of sugar. I think I will stick to that! Still up for debate whether or not I will do the diet I talked about here.

2. Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays?
Yes.... don't get workout tips from me. haha.  How 'bout workout everyday even if it's just a walk around the ol' neighborhood. I really am getting better at working out ( well I was until I took a few days off for the holidays and forgot to go back to doing it.....DANG IT!)  Time to get back on my workout videos. Jillian Michaels say whaaaaat?!

3. What is your favorite thing you did over the Holidays?
Ate some delicious food. yumm-o. Took a mini-vaca from the no sugar/healthy eating plan and enjoyed some holiday grub! Actually stuck to only allowing myself a few splurges and stayed on track with the weight loss!

4. What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012?
I hope to procrastinate less like I talk about here. I also hope to really thrive in my relationship with God and remember to pray often (not just the nightly prayer with hubs) and I hope to get to my goal weight ....before tank tops and shorts season, which around here really isn't until at LEAST July or August ( unless you are a teenage girl, then you put on your shorts and ugg boots in late February at the first glimpse of sun)

5. Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why.

----- My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephews are coming home to visit in May!! If this was the only exciting thing to happen all year I would be happy. I miss them like crazy and besides skype they have not met Jaida.

----- My aunt is retiring and having a birthday party all at the same time which means a fun summer beach vacation for us! *** making that weight loss goal even more important ahhhh

----- We are going to win the lottery and have tons of money so we can buy our church a building and land, and pay off our debt, and buy our dream home, and bless so many people!
                   *** ok maybe not..... but a girl can dream!!***

Let me end with a picture of these sweet kiddos ( my niecey and neshies as I call them)

 ** that's right sister I stole these off your blog that you never update so YOUR 2013 goal is to get to it!!**

Ok Lovelies.... your turn to link up so I can see how you answer these questions!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

One year Blogiversary.... kinda

Sometimes I reminisce
Yesterday was my one year blogiversary.
In case you didn't know.....
I had another blog to document my pregnancy.
I stopped liking that blog.
I started a new blog.
tah dah
With all of these preggo posts out here in blog land I decided to visit MY old blog and see what I was complaining about blogging about a year ago when I was pregnant.
Your welcome ahead of time:
** Original post from 01/05/2012**

What's in a name.... other than ummm EVERYTHING! ugh

Who woulda thunk it ( is that right?......LOL) I decided to give it a whirl with looking through some baby names today. Sheesh La Weesh! you know when you say a word over and over and it starts to sound wrong in your head.... or maybe that's just me....... well anyways, I feel like I may have seen some decent names today but HOLY SENSORY OVERLOAD there are a bajillion names out there. HA. I know I don't really want anything too common, and I don't want something so unique that nobody can pronounce my made up baby name BUT this part is harder than I remember! So my 8 year old sons name is Jordon Trey ( neither of which I really LOVED, but it was all about compromise) and I don't feel like naming the baby after anyone, a junior etc... and according to my hubby if it is a boy he wants to name him and if its a girl I can name her. HAHA we will see about that!!

Here is what I have so far. ( mostly just first names for now)

Analise (on-a-lease) Ryann
Ryleigh Elise
Ariana (are-ee-on-a)
Jonathan Rhys (reese)

HAHA told you... havent gotten very far , and haven't run anything by the hubster sooooo I'm sure most of those are no-goes. Bummer. AHHHH good thing I have a long way to go. I'm also afraid that I will finally pick something and one of my many preggo friends will have already chosen the same or similar baby name. Maybe I will pick something soon (one for both sex) and announce it on facebook.... kinda like TAG its mine now LOL.

Other than the name fiasco, the day has been pretty boring. Baby has put a halt to the partyin in my belly and has been pretty calm all of today. ME however.... ugh.... I feel like a blimp! I see all these commercials for losing weight and at first I was like "haha for once I'm not on that bandwagon" to which my mind quickly changed to wishing I could be. Not that I like to diet, but with this growing belly ( and thighs and toushy) I feel like I am slowly turning into Jabba the hutt.
Well ** spoiler alert** here's how that ended
My little Jaida Alyse
the name your daddy chose for you...
The DAY we found out you were a girl

Your name is perfect!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

Hello Loves!
Can I tell you something?
I am so in love with blog hopping and finding new fun blogging ideas!!! Maybe too in love. I don't want it to get overwhelming..... because I have a lot to say people..... and unless there were 7 MORE days in the week I just wouldn't be able to fit everything in.... (kinda like in this sentence) but it is just. so. fun.
( In case you hadn't noticed I already blogged once today so I should have called it done at that but oh no.... I found this little gem!)
It's called

see here's the button !!


Basically random letters to anyone and anything... FUN. So here goes my first ever set of Friday's Letters.
I have so many letters to write today it's been a busy week.
Dear Friday ( yes you're first ) I really wish I could be a fan of you like everyone else is, but you take my hubby away and send him back to work. You and I are over because Monday is my new bestie! Dear Water, I sorta wish you had a voice ( but that would be creepy) that way you could remind me that I need to drink more of you.... a LOT more of you! Dear Bed-in-a-Box mattress, you are AMAZING! I mean that! You have never let me down and are seriously the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. ever. Dear Sugar, I'm very sorry we split up a few months ago but I thank you for taking those 16+ lbs with you.... that was the nicest thing you've ever done for me. Dear Jordon, thank you for being a helpful big brother you amaze me with your kindness! Dear God, Thank you for being faithful. always. seriously, always! Dear Money, I miss you and your many faces if you see this letter and miss me as much please feel free to come back home to my bank account. Dear sister, I can't wait till you come back home to visit....I also can't wait till you get your blog going! Dear Spanx, I think I might be the only person who is mad at you. You just don't work right for me, I was under the impression you would make me look like I have a flat, toned don't-have-any-kids tummy. You fooled me. Lastly... Dear Erin Condren Planner, thank you for being amazing! Get ready to be used a LOT from here on out. We're about to have a busy life together.
ok fellow bloggers and blogettes its YOUR turn!!

Random Thought # 3142314

You know what I love... marriage counseling

You know what I think all married couples should do..... go to marriage counseling.


This just came to my the same time as 100 other things #ADHDsufferer..... but for serious I think couples/marriage counseling is amazing! Other than the fact that when we sit down and our counselor just smiles at us, waiting on one of us to make the first move. I think I usually do that by saying something equally as awkward like " Welp, I think we have been doing pretty well the last couple weeks." and then I smile and wait. Then he says "Good." and then he waits again.... to be honest I really don't know how we get into great talking sessions....but we do. I have also found that he can sense when i am in need of a good cry. Maybe its the crackle of my voice, or the nearly impossible to see tear at the corner of my eye, but when he catches on he follows with " What is it your feeling there?" and then wait for it....wait foooorrrr itttttt...... WAAAAAAAH. Le' Sob.

He's on to me

I chose to see a male counselor for the selfish hope that since he is a man and Jon is a man that they would have a deep connection and then he could tell Jon he is always wrong and I am always ALWAYS right. "Happy wife , happy life " right?! I was afraid that if we saw a woman he would think we were just ganging up on him. **really I have to say this was pretty smart of me and I still stand by the belief that it kinda worked**

---- from here on out I will refer to him as our professional friend-----


This professional friend of ours is super great! I look forward to going every couple of weeks and I really think that it enriches our marriage. We also drive a little ( 45 mins) out of the way to hang out with this "friend" of ours, but I love the talks that we have in the car when it is just the hubs and I ...well, and the baby. Also in case you couldn't tell by the fact that I am blogging about it and letting the world know we see a professional friend I am proud of us. I am proud that we know what will keep this marriage strong, along with of course our unyielding faith. I also think that no matter how happy, healthy, positive, messy, crazy, perfect, amazing, awful, terrible or normal your marriage is you can always strive for better!

You know what I love... marriage counseling

You know what I think all married couples should do..... go to marriage counseling.

That's my two cents so take it or...... Just take it and trust me on this one would ya!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

30 things: Happy Girl

Happy Thursday aka Sunday (for me) folks! Who's ready for some 30 things??  I am I am

Ok, well be patient because first I need to update ya'll on the baby. She had her "6 month" drs. apt yesterday ( we run a couple weeks behind due to her shots being spaced) and since I didn't have this info for her 6 month update post here I will just fill you in now!
She weighed in at 15lbs 15 oz. and a little over 27in. long. She had to get some shots again but all in all is lookin good!
Okee doke. Carry on, where were we?
That's right.....

Well it's all about happiness this week so put your smiles on!
According to my first ever 30 Things post #5 is::  What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
so let's dig in with some pics shall we!

#1:: Well obvi it's THESE TWO!!  Awww this picture makes my mommy heart melt!  I love my kiddos!

 Next up at #2:: The new crossover SUV.  Even though hubby is still not convinced we needed a change (from a 2 door Scion hello SPACE!) I am still so in love with the new whip! I would be driving it every second of the day if gas was still 99 cents a gallon!

maybe not EVERY second of the day..... according to my math Im not doing the math it's a lot!!

#3:: Having a girl so I can make fun matching hair flowers!! Um and having a girl in general is SO.MUCH.FUN..... get back to me in 13 years and see if it is still "fun."

#4:: The fact that my mom makes wine!! PEOPLE did you hear me??? My mom isn't just the queen of beer making but now she totally makes adult grape juice!! This is great because I really don't drink often but when I do a glass of delish white wine is my fav!

 PS: she totally tricked me and asked me if I Liked it before she told me that she had made it.... that could have ended badly!

 Lastly is #5:: The final thing that makes me happy is looking back at 2012 and seeing how God has blessed my family!! It's always Sometimes it is easier to look at the negetive in our lives and dwell on the unhappiness than to realize that we are SO blessed and remember to be thankful... in the calm AND in the storm!
***Looking back at that picture of preggo me the day Jaida was born makes me realize that I maybe I shouldn't joke that Jessica Simpson's baby"finally escaped." Kinda looks like Jaida was cooking for 14 months too! That was a big-ol-belly!
Well my friends that's about it for now.... What makes YOU happy at the moment?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

O.C. Dizzle

Today friends we need to discuss the looming OCD-ness that lurks in this household on the daily.

ok, ok I admit I might have spent last Friday writing and reading blogs all day, but hey I cooked dinner and played with the kiddos too.... life is rough. My not so favorite part of the day was when the hubster got home ( not THAT exact part... I was glad he was home sheesh) and right before working out mind you casually said " are you goina clean the bathrooms tomorrow?' ( As in " You said you were going to clean the bathrooms today and you didn't.")

                                                                      oooo why I otta' *shakes fist*


Just the thought of cleaning the mangy bathrooms makes me sick. (Can I get a "hecks ya" from all you mommies with boys!) and then to ask right before you work out --just another thing I didn't get to-- way to rub in how well you have this work 10 hrs, come home, work out and STILL think about cleaning thing down! Not to mention on his "weekend" he dusted, vacuumed, swept... etc. etc. oh my good little housewife...... haha.

People always say " you're so lucky he does his own laundry, and is clean yada, yada, yada." but am I really? I mean the hubs has some serious OCD going on. Those of us with "normal eyes" would not notice anything wrong with my cleaning.... but his super-perfect-clean-checkers see even the smallest missed crumb. I suppose I could have it MUCH worse though! My husband is a blessing!!

So what do I do to get even? ---- well first things first I cleaned those bathrooms-----

I was thinking more along the lines of posting this little gem:

I was rushing not to get caught taking this so sorry its so blurry 

yep that is my lovely husband cleaning..... with Jordon's ninja mask on. Nice babe.....Nice. Now let's see if he reads the blog today ;)

Well, keep it clean friends!

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