Monday, March 2, 2015

This thing called B L O G G I N G

I want to be better... I want to be more intentional.

Lately I have read several blog posts that sound like a whole lotta' people are giving up on the blog life. I totally get that, because as you can obviously tell- if you pay any attention to my blog at all- I take long breaks from this place of writing. I feel like I get really inspired every time I come up to my office, but having a laptop, kindle fire, cell phone, and surface tablet make using my desktop a rare occasion anymore. Realistically, the only time I feel the need to be up in my cozy nook of an office is when my son wants to use the big screen to watch a movie aka: Saturday nights. < also for the record, we DO have movie nights together about once per week but he also enjoys his alone time... monitored of course! > Anyway, I think I might try to step out of my house with my laptop a few times per week just to get back into the spirit of blogging. Or maybe just the thought of being alone at Starbucks or Panera with no arguing children distracting me is just the most beautiful thought ever imagined. The hubs has agreed I can play "work" with this blog so long as I take it a little more seriously. 

I have so many things I want to share with you all. Clearly I am a starter, not a finisher....

** I really wanted to end here to be funny after that last sentence, but there is more**

I want blogging to be fun. I want it to be my venting place, and journal that I share with the world. I do like telling you all about fun things I have found, and the sponsored posts I've done are truly with companies that I love, but it is an added pressure. That's not to say I will no longer do them, because I absolutely will. I just want there to be more ME back in this blog. I want to just ramble and know that y'all read because you care a little about what I have to say.....or because you are nosy, which is totally legit, and why I read plenty of my fav blogs. 

So cheers friends.... let's meet back here soon shall we?!

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