Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Midas touch

Ok, so there is some work that goes on in here...but to be honest most of the time it's play. And wasting way too much time lost on the internet. What am I talking about you ask? The office!! That's right, we finally got our office revamp complete. We even officially sold the old desk this morning (it's true, as in less than an hour ago that sucker was still sitting in our hallway downstairs hogging my space) I could not be more thrilled that my quiet place is completely finished!

I got a tad crazy with the gold spray paint, but it's the one room in my house I got to be feminine and paint whatever I wanted GOLD! 

Let me just say before I post pictures that we didn't want to spend a ton of money on such a small space in our house, so we put less than 100 smackers into it. I was very resourceful and thrifty ( I'm sure you're not surprised) and managed to use a lot of what we already had to spruce up our space.

--and a lot of gold spray paint--

Here are some pictures of the finished product!
(sorry about the "dream" lighting I used my iphone and couldn't cancel out the window)

So what do you think? In case you forgot, I used my Day Designer as inspiration as far as the colors go.
** Also, I will be posting a review of the Day Designer in a few days so stay tuned**
As always with my ADHD brain, I have no idea how long this design will last but so far I am loving it! Some things are not 100% complete but they will be with time. Also, that gold beach chair up yeah, I sent hubs to the store to get a nice (preferably dark colored wood) chair for Jaida's toddler table and he came home with a hot pink beach chair. Lesson learned, next time if I have something specific in mind I will do it myself I guess. haha.

So that's it folks....

Oh my goodness, I just realized that I never finished a post about my field trip with Jordon from last week! I guess I will have to combine it all into a post after tomorrows field trip to the zoo!! 
Enjoy the rest of your week loves!


Friday, May 23, 2014

oh hey.... its Friday!!

Hey Erin, plan ahead much?! 

That would be a huge NO in case you were wondering. Here I am a planner freak and yet I seem to have forgotten that I jumped on this 5 on Friday bandwagon. Here's an idea for myself....USE YOUR PLANNER.

Ok so let's get to it shall we.

ONE:  People, I have counted the days until I need to be in a swimsuit for my family's big birthday pool party. I have almost exactly 90 days soooooo I have to quit slacking and get serious! I started doing the Bikini Body Mommy 2.0 workouts a couple weeks ago and again feel like I am hitting the quitting point. Day 15 is my unlucky number of a day I guess because it is always when I want to stop ( and usually do) ANYWAY time to get back at it and also hit this nutrition head on. I did meal plan this month (the not so healthy dinner part of the day at least ) and stocked up on plenty of healthy snacks for me! yay!

lets just ignore those weekly pizza nights shall we ... 

 TWO: I went on a field trip with Jordon this week!! It's about time, I mean he is ELEVEN!! Anyway, I meant to write a blog post about it yesterday and clearly didn't. I did take several pictures and I will write a post asap...I hope. Here is a sneak peak though.

super pretty right?!

THREE: I need to moisturize and drink TONS of water.... know why? because I need to look this good when i am 70. Yes people, this woman is SEVENTY. She was on an episode of Oprah that I saw several years ago and I looked her up to show Jon because I am still blown away by how great she looks. Also, for the record, this isn't even a good picture but it was the only one I could find. I swear from my couch the day I saw her walk out on that stage she was in her 40's because of how amazing her skin looks!

FOUR: I am almost done with my office revamp. We put a new (to us) desk in here and painted it white. I have finished the bookshelf and with just a few more touches the office will be completely finished. yipee!! I will also (hopefully) get a post up when that is finished too!! 

** side note** I tried to put a small table in the office so Jaida could eat snack in here, and color etc... apparently this is how she felt about that. She doesn't like having to stay in one place much.

FIVE:  I finally had a chance to wear my tribal leggings and pink moccs that I have had forever. Ok, so this pic isnt really great for showing them off but you get the point. right...RIGHT?! Anyway, of course I wore them the day that our church did a huge 3 church get together so there were tons of older folks there probably thinking I had lost my mind being dressed all crazy. Fashion I also just bought some floral leggings, and can't wait to wear them soon!! 

That's all for this to go PLAN AHEAD for next week.



Monday, May 19, 2014

Lose the sweats!

Alright people, operation 'lose the sweats' is officially underway.
I have simultaneously downsized my closet and bought new staple items. I have decided that I have spent far too many days walking to the bus stop to pick up my son ( or let's be real, waiting at the top of the hill watching him walk up....what? I have a sleeping baby most of the time sheesh) in my dingy old ASU sweatshirt and a pair of grey sweats....and yes probably even slippers. Wow, mom status for sure! Not only is that just plain embarrassing knowing how many people probably scoff at me from their windows, but my hubby is president of the HOA so I'm like the first lady.... bwhahaha.

Yes, I totally just said that! Cue the presidential music.

It really is a pain to go to the gym every day and then have to shower and do my hair after. That could be why I have only been once in the last 2 weeks. ugh. BUT I neeeeeed to stop with he excuses for real! So now onto the fun stuff... Last week I was playing around in my closet and I came up with a bunch of outfits. I wanted to have the pics on my phone so when I was drawing a blank on what to put together I would have it handy.

Here is what I came up with::

haha, my facial expression (or lack there of) cracks me up. These were supposed to be for my eyes only but I needed to have proof out in the internet world that i do in fact own real clothes. The best part about all of these outfits is that I hardly paid a single penny for anything that I am wearing up there!! Most of the clothes were actually thrifted from my new favorite place ThredUP  ( which by the way I think if you click that link you get $15.00 to spend!!) It is an online thrift store and by using links like the one I just gave you I have been able to get quite a few things. I am hooked for sure! We all know I am a fan of "poppin tags." Anything that wasn't purchased there was purchased at Ross, Marshalls, Kohls, and even from! Guess what you guys, I get compliments about my clothes (when I'm not wearing sweats) all the time so stop wasting money just to fit in with the Jones' if you don't have too!! 

My sister says I should stop telling people how to get things for free because the word "free" makes people leery. Apparently there are studies showing people are more willing to pay a couple bucks. Here's what I think about that.... Your loss if you don't want to try something because you're afraid, or don't want to give out your email address. Maybe we should discuss how little I have to pay for things because I find deals, and no, I would NOT rather just "pay a few bucks" if I can get it for nothing! 
That's all for today... this post was not in any way sponsored by the companies listed above .... although I would NEVER turn that down!! .... Just my personal experiences and opinions! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

30 by 30 ... a couple days late.

Well, time's up.

I actually feel like I could cry looking over this post and my 30 by 30 list. It is truly amazing how fast time really does fly. When I wrote the list a YEAR ago now, I felt like I had all the time in the world!! I remember writing some of those things and just knowing they would quickly be checked off. I looked forward and imagined how much better this summer would be because I would be in the best shape of my life and the happiest I have ever been. Well friends, we are about to go over that list and sadly enough I know there are so many things I just didn't follow through on.

Here we go::

 Wow... I literally completed FOUR things....4/30.... sad!

On another note, looking back, many of the things I wanted to accomplish are financialy based and would cost a pretty penny. I have become much more frugal over the last year and I'm not sure I would want to spend an arm and a leg on a lot that I had listed. Then again, maybe I would.....

I Just want to say I am proud of the fact that I could have pretended to never have made this list, or forgotten about it but instead showed everyone how horrible I am at setting and completely goals! So, here's to never writing a list that I don't intend to follow again.


Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Time....

Time for me to take part in the 5 on Friday craze along with the rest of the blogging world. Honestly, like everything else, I just didn't do this before because I need at least 5 pictures. I never take pictures.

I have a problem, I can't really call myself a blogger now can I? 

Oh well, FIVE things.... that shouldn't be too bad.... right?!!

ONE: I guess the biggest news from this week would be that I quit my "side job." I was babysitting the neighbor kids for the last couple months, but as soon as the hours I was needed doubled but my pay was split in half I said adios!! In reality, I just don't have the energy to chase after any additional kiddos. I just have my hands full already and the few hours I was originally needed were totally fine.... but once it was an all day thing I just knew it wasn't for me. So goodbye extra fun money, it was nice knowing you. 
Blessing in disguise though because now I have more time with these nuggets :) 

haha , Jaida loves to push her brother around....literally.

TWO: I am officially addicted to this new BLT salad that I could eat ... and I have. Really not much to it, just lettuce, avocado, tomato, corn, real bacon bits, and feta cheese (with ranch dressing) It is sooo good. You've got to try it asap!

THREE: I am getting ready to do a review of my Whitney English Day Designer!! I am going to completely finish deciding if I like the way I am currently using it, and if I want to change anything around and then I plan to write the review and post it around the first of next month (June) so keep your eyes peeled!!

here's a sneak peak so far....

FOUR:  UGH, I turned 30 yesterday (or 29 for the second time as many of my friends would say.) All in all it was a great day...besides the fact I'm older. With the gravity of becoming a year older I felt the need to drown my sorrows in a giant raspberry margarita and some delish chips and salsa! 
feliz cumpleaƱos to me!!

FIVE: Lastly, this morning at Jordon's school the kids got to have donuts with their dads! How cute is that?! Super cute.... minus the fact he never told me about the muffins with mom last month ...don't worry I made up for his "being afraid to be embarrassed" by volunteering for all 3 field trips coming up over the next month. You're welcome little dude! 

PHEW! I did it!! 
I literally typed out the word "ONE" and decided to quit. I did it though.... I kept going. Next week I will plan ahead. Now that I'm 30 and all it's time to take back control of this crazy busy life and actually DO something. Speaking of, we need to go over my 30 by 30 list.... that sounds fun....


Alright, until next time loves,

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