Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Life in Crisis

Ok.... it's not
I am however having a REALLY hard time blogging these days. It's like I totally started this blog to just have a place to vent and then it grew into place that had expectations. It became a place with a schedule, another part time job. I find myself going to fun events and then kicking myself afterwards for not taking any blog worthy pictures.
I had a blast.... but where is the proof for my readers.
"Trendy Tot Tuesday" became a warzone in the bedroom trying to get Jaida into the cutest outfit in baby blog land and on top of that get a picture...or TEN. Impossible. Then when that didn't work out I plan to go at it again the next week.... and again end up in the 'No blog zone' for the day.
"So What Wednesday" never stuck because I was busy saying "So what" to blogging in general. That would make for an interesting link up.
Thursdays were just supposed to be a TBT (throwback Thursday) picture. JUST A PICTURE and I forget every time!
Coffee Date on Friday was a vlog so that means I have to look decent enough to make a video. I'm sure you see how that turned out.
Those were the only days I really set an expectation for this blog and yet somehow even sticking to that was too difficult. Come on Erin let's get it together.
I WILL keep trying and hopefully soon I WILL be able to do it all!!


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