Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spread some cheer!

Ok so a couple things today, first in case you are new around these parts and have noticed I don't blog much.... well yeah now you know, and I'm sorry! I had/have the best intentions in having a blog I just get too busy watching vines all day with my life on the daily that I forget to make time to blog. As if it is really that hard right?! Really if blogging didn't involve hours (for me) of photo editing and content proof reading I would probably blog several times a day. For real, I have ADHD people.... this mind is NON.STOP.
Secondly.... as I was scrolling through Facebook this morning (again, WHY don't I have time to blog?!)I found a couple fun things.... check it out....
Ignore the blur, I snapped a screen shot on the tablet just to show the amazingness. Basically from today until Nov 17th between 2-5pm if you buy one holiday drink you get one FREE! Yum!!
(see more here )
Then.... there is THIS:

I am SOOOO excited! I am going to make some extremely cute cards to spread some holiday cheer to some random people! No, really, I am SO. EXCITED.
That is all. Glad I "found" this 15 mins it took to blog today :)


Jennifer Collver said...

Don't worry the Worlds Worst Blogger title is still in my possession ;) For the past 3 days I've known exactly what I wanted to post about and of course did not post anything. I still feel too awkward blogging when Zac is around and he is ALWAYS around lately hahaha.

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