Monday, December 2, 2013

Why I have been busy all day with nothing to show for it

Besides a dirty kitchen.... and sore back
I was supposed to go to MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) today at the church but decided to skip it because I had WAY too much on the to do list.
 So as usual about once a month I sat down to blog and ended up looking through my phone for some pictures. That reminded me that I was participating in a photo a day challenge so I snapped a pic and headed over to Instagram. I scrolled through Instagram for a bit and saw all the posts about the DOUBLE bonus my company is offering right now, which reminded me that I needed to get my monthly newsletter sent out. While typing up the newsletter I got a notification on my tablet of a new high paying survey available so I clicked the notification and was brought to my email inbox. In the inbox I noticed another email from someone needing a babysitter from a service I used to be a part of so I clicked to read the message. After reading the message I was curious just how many people nearby needed a nanny or sitter so I went to the website. While scrolling through the job listings another email notification came up from a client so I went to the email box to respond and then ended up doing some research on my website. After researching and replying to the email hubby started a new (to us) episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix, I went back to writing my newsletter because no, I had not finished yet.
Watched 2 full episodes of Breaking Bad while continuing to work on the newsletter.
Computer froze.....
Almost completed after 3 hours of work Newsletter.... GONE
Decided to take a break to eat some lunch when I came back to the computer there was another email reminding me about the card swap I had signed up for so I went out to Pinterest for ideas. While looking on Pinterest for card ideas I ended up looking at meal ideas, workouts, cute clothes, crafts and giveaways. I clicked on a giveaway. This one giveaway turned into several which led to me remembering that my sister had sent me some info for yet another giveaway, so I went onto Facebook to find the message. While scrolling back through the message I saw a link she had posted for the new meal/workout plan we are doing together so I clicked the link.
I'll stop here because you guys..... it was only about NOON at this point.
All of this should help explain why it is now 7:30pm and the only successful thing I have completed today has been making dinner.
Please help me to reign in my ADHD brain! How am I ever supposed to just stick to one thing without forgetting to do everything else AHHHHH.


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