Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm full of secrets

Honestly, we are ALL pretty full of secrets. Of that I am convinced!
I know you are hoping I am going to tell you some super juicy secret that I have just been dying to blast all over the internet and blogosphere. That's not reeeeeeally the case at least. I actually DID do that in this blog post, and I owe y'all a follow up.  especially since the title says part one, meaning there will be more! Anyway, not today.
The "secret" that I want to spill today is super silly but for some reason I want to just put it out there because it is kinda irritating me.
So, I am a member on this site, , and I occasionally apply to host parties for them.
** Basically they supply you with a product or products and supplies to throw a fun party with your friends, which in turn gets the name out etc. and you get to keep everything**  so... my dilemma is that I was finally selected to host a party. A KEURIG RIVO party, people. As in, the best party I have ever seen available. As in, the only party I ever applied for and really, REALLY wanted to get. I actually had no doubt that I would NOT get selected because I figured everyone else and their mom would have applied. But they picked me YAY!
I know.... you don't feel bad right? and this sounds more like bragging then spilling a secret right? Ok, bear with me because I promise it's not.
So, the issue is that the selected party hosts (me) were each sent TWO Rivos (awww poor Erin what a horrible predicament) and basically one is implied to be a gift for one randomly selected party goer ( aka my "friends") and here is where the problem lies. In order to be a good "hostess" for I want to have several people there. In fact, that is something they will look for when I submit the pictures. I invited around 20 people using the invites on the site and then texted my friends to let them know. Now, I live pretty far out of the way so a "brunch at my place" on a Saturday isn't everyone's cup of tea (or espresso) I get that. So several people are "busy" or just can't make it etc.  I know I could pack my house if I just tell them I am giving away a FREE espresso machine but I don't want to tell anyone (and I haven't) because I don't want people over who aren't genuinely coming to hang with me.
So, do you think that I should tell them so that I have a big, successful party and make the company happy? or do you think keeping it a secret (minus blogging haha) so that a true friend gets the machine is the right thing to do?

Here's a hint.... I don't think you will change my mind.



Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I say keep it a secret!

Jennifer Collver said...

The correct course of action is to send the extra Rivo machine to your lovely supportive sister that told you that you WOULD be selected and would have shown up to your house party if she didn't live on the complete opposite corner of the US from you *cough**cough* :)

Sheena Hudson said...

Oooh I'll come! I'll come! No, but really.... I would keep it a secret. I know I would be a little annoyed if someone who came just to get that instead of one of my close friends I'd be a little annoyed.

Erin G. said...

I agree ladies! I have really been trying not to let it bug me because I know a few of my closest friends are making the trip out here. ( its only really at most 30 mins away for the people I invited) haha sister you are funny!! Also, Sheena I would always love to see you!!!

Sheena Hudson said...

:) We should get the girls together sometime too! What area do you live in now?

Nancy @ Neatly-Packaged said...

Very interesting post! Thank you for sharing :)

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