Monday, May 19, 2014

Lose the sweats!

Alright people, operation 'lose the sweats' is officially underway.
I have simultaneously downsized my closet and bought new staple items. I have decided that I have spent far too many days walking to the bus stop to pick up my son ( or let's be real, waiting at the top of the hill watching him walk up....what? I have a sleeping baby most of the time sheesh) in my dingy old ASU sweatshirt and a pair of grey sweats....and yes probably even slippers. Wow, mom status for sure! Not only is that just plain embarrassing knowing how many people probably scoff at me from their windows, but my hubby is president of the HOA so I'm like the first lady.... bwhahaha.

Yes, I totally just said that! Cue the presidential music.

It really is a pain to go to the gym every day and then have to shower and do my hair after. That could be why I have only been once in the last 2 weeks. ugh. BUT I neeeeeed to stop with he excuses for real! So now onto the fun stuff... Last week I was playing around in my closet and I came up with a bunch of outfits. I wanted to have the pics on my phone so when I was drawing a blank on what to put together I would have it handy.

Here is what I came up with::

haha, my facial expression (or lack there of) cracks me up. These were supposed to be for my eyes only but I needed to have proof out in the internet world that i do in fact own real clothes. The best part about all of these outfits is that I hardly paid a single penny for anything that I am wearing up there!! Most of the clothes were actually thrifted from my new favorite place ThredUP  ( which by the way I think if you click that link you get $15.00 to spend!!) It is an online thrift store and by using links like the one I just gave you I have been able to get quite a few things. I am hooked for sure! We all know I am a fan of "poppin tags." Anything that wasn't purchased there was purchased at Ross, Marshalls, Kohls, and even from! Guess what you guys, I get compliments about my clothes (when I'm not wearing sweats) all the time so stop wasting money just to fit in with the Jones' if you don't have too!! 

My sister says I should stop telling people how to get things for free because the word "free" makes people leery. Apparently there are studies showing people are more willing to pay a couple bucks. Here's what I think about that.... Your loss if you don't want to try something because you're afraid, or don't want to give out your email address. Maybe we should discuss how little I have to pay for things because I find deals, and no, I would NOT rather just "pay a few bucks" if I can get it for nothing! 
That's all for today... this post was not in any way sponsored by the companies listed above .... although I would NEVER turn that down!! .... Just my personal experiences and opinions! 


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I'm a horrible offender when it comes to wearing real clothes outside of work! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of keeping pictures of outfits handy. I always draw a blank when I'm rushing then I discover I wear basically the same thing all the time. People probably think I only own 3 outfits.

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