Friday, May 23, 2014

oh hey.... its Friday!!

Hey Erin, plan ahead much?! 

That would be a huge NO in case you were wondering. Here I am a planner freak and yet I seem to have forgotten that I jumped on this 5 on Friday bandwagon. Here's an idea for myself....USE YOUR PLANNER.

Ok so let's get to it shall we.

ONE:  People, I have counted the days until I need to be in a swimsuit for my family's big birthday pool party. I have almost exactly 90 days soooooo I have to quit slacking and get serious! I started doing the Bikini Body Mommy 2.0 workouts a couple weeks ago and again feel like I am hitting the quitting point. Day 15 is my unlucky number of a day I guess because it is always when I want to stop ( and usually do) ANYWAY time to get back at it and also hit this nutrition head on. I did meal plan this month (the not so healthy dinner part of the day at least ) and stocked up on plenty of healthy snacks for me! yay!

lets just ignore those weekly pizza nights shall we ... 

 TWO: I went on a field trip with Jordon this week!! It's about time, I mean he is ELEVEN!! Anyway, I meant to write a blog post about it yesterday and clearly didn't. I did take several pictures and I will write a post asap...I hope. Here is a sneak peak though.

super pretty right?!

THREE: I need to moisturize and drink TONS of water.... know why? because I need to look this good when i am 70. Yes people, this woman is SEVENTY. She was on an episode of Oprah that I saw several years ago and I looked her up to show Jon because I am still blown away by how great she looks. Also, for the record, this isn't even a good picture but it was the only one I could find. I swear from my couch the day I saw her walk out on that stage she was in her 40's because of how amazing her skin looks!

FOUR: I am almost done with my office revamp. We put a new (to us) desk in here and painted it white. I have finished the bookshelf and with just a few more touches the office will be completely finished. yipee!! I will also (hopefully) get a post up when that is finished too!! 

** side note** I tried to put a small table in the office so Jaida could eat snack in here, and color etc... apparently this is how she felt about that. She doesn't like having to stay in one place much.

FIVE:  I finally had a chance to wear my tribal leggings and pink moccs that I have had forever. Ok, so this pic isnt really great for showing them off but you get the point. right...RIGHT?! Anyway, of course I wore them the day that our church did a huge 3 church get together so there were tons of older folks there probably thinking I had lost my mind being dressed all crazy. Fashion I also just bought some floral leggings, and can't wait to wear them soon!! 

That's all for this to go PLAN AHEAD for next week.




Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Yay for an office re-vamp! I would LOVE a home office!

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