Monday, June 2, 2014

Whitney English Day Designer REVIEW!

Well darn. 

This month, well last month rather, went by WAY to fast. If I hadn't promised a review of the day designer to be up on the blog by the start of June, I definitely would have waited a few more months. In fact I will most likely have another post in the future to update this one. 

Let me start by letting you know I was not compensated for this post, I simply love being nosy when it comes to planners and seeing how everyone uses theirs so I figured I'd let you see how I use mine! (so far) All thoughts and opinions are completely my own!

Before my sister (who won't be too happy I just linked to her "blog in progress") bought me this amazing planner I had an Erin Condren Life Planner, which for the record, I also loved. I just found that my life was usually "too busy" for the small space available for each day. I kept seeing the name Whitney English pop up all over social media and did some digging. AKA Instagram stalking, using #Daydesigner in my search. I loved looking at everyone's use of the day designer and it looked like exactly what I needed. So I begged asked her to get this for me as a birthday gift. I believe she ordered it back in February or March  and I received it April 3rd. ( My day Designer started in May) The wait seemed like forever but only because I wanted to start decorating it so badly. I knew it had an April ship date, so I knew the wait would be on the longer side. Also, she ordered the "Already Authentic" version for the lesser cost and honestly, I don't know how high the standards are for not considering something "perfect" for them but I found NOTHING wrong with mine....and per the reviews neither do most others. 

Below are some of the pictures of how I use my WEDD (as my sister and I have abbreviated it haha) 

Also, here is a list straight from the Whitney English Etsy site stating what each Day Designer includes.

:: Approximate size is 9" x 9.5" x 1.25".
:: Over 350 pages!
:: A yearly calendar overview.
:: A monthly calendar overview.
:: A daily planning page for each day of the week.
:: Daily pages feature a spot for:
// Due - use to remember deadlines, projects.
// Dollars - track sales or remember what your daily financial goals are.
// Dinner - who are you eating with or what are you having?
// Don't Forget - a spot for extra reminders.
// Daily Gratitude - because gratitude changes things.
// Download - get it out of your head and onto paper.
:: Combined weekend planning pages.
:: Each day features an inspirational quote!
:: Several deep-digging worksheets to help you focus your actions on your desired outcome!

 Not sure how I feel about the highlighting and stickers used this first month

 Some days are more full, some are almost empty... I am still getting the hang of "designing my day" each morning.

 I used glitter washi and taped the velveteen ribbon to the back page of my DD. I use the ribbon as a page marker for the day I am on. **also I cut the ribbon to the shape and length I wanted**

I have decided to cover the front of each month tab with an inspirational printout, May is my birthday month of course :)

Another view of the monthly tabs.

That's about it guys. I'm sorry this first month wasn't really as exciting as I had planned. If you follow me on Instagram you will see the updates and designs I chose for my planner going forward. I will also try to get a vlog post up in the next few months as I get more familiar with it. I have plenty of black and gold washi tape, sheets, and stickers so I can definitely get more creative! Let me know what you think and if you have a Day Designer how do YOU use yours? 



Nancy @ Neatly-Packaged said...

I have been eyeballing this planner for a long time!! It looks so awesome! Thank you for your review :)

Inez said...

I need to get one soon, it'll be so useful to organise my life, xoxo.

Elizabeth said...

This is such a great planner!

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