Monday, June 16, 2014

What kind of blogger am I anyway?

Ya know, some days I feel like I walk around in a fog wondering what my exact calling is for my time here on earth. I live day in and day out doing pretty much the same mundane things. All the while replaying in my head that I should be doing more. I am bipolar, I could reach people. I have been abused, I could reach people. I was a teen mom, I could reach people. I am a christian, I could reach people. I struggle, I grieve, I have stories upon stories but somehow I can't find THE one way to really USE them. 

That was the reason I started this blog in the first place. I wanted to have a place where I could tell my stories and connect with people. But then I remember I'm human. I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm frustrated and sometimes I just want to sit and not think about anything. Sometimes i just can't organize my thoughts long enough to write anything down. Let alone try to type up a blog post that will make sense to other humans..... or try to think of a clever, caring, or comforting response for the emails that will flood my inbox. 

I used to feel like I could come here to this blog and just blab on and on about anything I wanted because hey, nobody was reading it any way. Truth be told, with that mentality how was I ever expecting to reach anyone, right?! I don't label myself with a specific title when it comes to blogging. I am not a fashion blogger because this post is really the only post I have done to show what I wear, and honestly the camera and I rarely get along ;) I am not specifically a mommy blogger because this post was the last one that I really updated you about my son and this was the last real update about my daughter. I'm most definitely not a food blogger because the last recipe I posted was here. And, as much as I would love to be a health and wellness blogger, this was the last time I even talked about my weight loss journey. There are many more categories but I guess the closest I come to is being a "lifestyle blogger" because guess what people, this is MY blog, and this IS my life. I wish I could promise to stop leaving you hanging with future blog posts, but I don't know if I will ever get better at this blogging thing. 

Perhaps someday I will get a schedule down and let you more into my life... but until then whether you stay or not I will try to reach whomever I can by just simply being me.

...........or being this edited, filtered version of me...........

Isn't that what life is about these days? Which filter makes you your best self (or selfie in this case haha)

Until next time loves!!



A GAL NEEDS said...

Love that edited selfie! Your husband looks like someone I knew in High School! He's handsome!

Organized Chaos said...

That's okay though! I'm not really a specific blogger either. That's why I say lifestyle because my blog kind of follows my lifestyle! Do you and be okay with that! You're personality is what we come for ;-) Have a great weekend!

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