Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to reality

Aw man. I'm sorry guys..... time has gotten away from me.....again.

The "extreme heat" (read as mediocre to most who owns an A/C unit) that we have been having, of about 90+ degrees has thrown me off track for EVERYTHING! I'm talking meal planning, exercise, heck even doing my hair, has been pushed to the way-side. Instead I just sit outside drinking iced coffee while the kiddos play in the baby pool. Sitting in my hot and muggy office space to type away on a computer just sounded gross. Sure, I could use my phone or even my tablet, but for some reason I feel the need to write blog posts ONLY from my PC. Weirdo...I know.

Anywho.... since I last blogged, ages ago it seems, we went on a small vacation, picked berries, went on several play dates and even enjoyed a spray park! We sure have been enjoying all of our free time this summer. I have so many things to get caught up on! 

I have been learning to hate love running. I downloaded the C25K app on my phone and boy does it break it down in to manageable chunks! If y'all are anything like me and not much a fan of running but want to get into it, I highly suggest it! I have also been looking into a program called MixxedFit which is a dance/club inspired workout. I feel like once I get into great shape I may even look into teaching at a local gym or something. As Justin would say "never say never." Ew...sorry I will never quote him again. I am also eating clean 5 days a week and giving myself 2 cheat days. (still within a good calorie range) and drinking TONS of water. I figure I missed the boat on having a rock solid bod this summer so I am super determined to get there by next summer. Lots of time. I plan to document but may or may not post much along the way. I might wait until I have solid footing in the weight-loss dept. before I give any tips etc. or share anything on here. Mostly because I have fallen through every other time.

So, I am off to get organized and back to normal. Have an awesome week babes!


Organized Chaos said...

I feel you! I can only write posts from a computer! I hate doing it via phone or any other method! So not weird! ;-) Sipping iced coffee and playing with my kids sounds like a perfect way to spend time! Go for it! Hope you're enjoying some of the summer!

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