Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Comparison is stealing my joy Yo!

So here I am entering TONS of giveaways minding my own biz, when BAM, blogging inspiration hits. Clearly this happens on an average of about 2 times per month these days....

Annnnyway, I have noticed lately that if I am not getting something new everyday it feels like something is missing. I end up feeling incomplete and not very happy. I have been winning giveaways left and right, we are just getting over the month and a half of birthdays in our house, and I have found loopholes to so many systems that enable me to get things for free or cheap. So basically I look more forward to getting the mail each day than anything else. That is a super sad fact! As a Christian I realize that all these materialistic things are becoming more important than God is when it comes to how I am using my time. It's obvious that money is a "God" for many people, and this is essentially the same thing. It has been weighing on me a lot and I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

It hit me like a ton of bricks (after not getting anything but junk in the mail of course) That I am so focused on the material things in life and not focused where I should be. As a society in general we are taught to compare. Do I look like the model in that magazine? No? Well then I better aim to look like her asap because SHE is normal, there must be something wrong with me. Am I driving a new, nice car that I can feel proud taking a picture of to post on Facebook? No? Well shoot there is something wrong with our family that WE can't afford one too. We need to please everyone else, which is why everyone is up to there eyeballs in debt. All this time I thought I was avoiding being one of "those" people, because we are "good with our money." The fact is, sure I am not spending heaping amounts of money, or putting my family further into debt by spending beyond my means, BUT, I am still one of "those people." I still compare myself to everyone else, I just find the cheap or free way to get what they have. 

I consignment shop for clothes, I use gift cards, I ask for the things I really want as gifts for my birthday, I use coupon codes, and free shipping offers, I get rewards for referring friends, I win contests, I secret shop, I sell things I don't need, and I fill out surveys for extra money. 

and there it is..... the bottom line


Friends, none of this is coming with us when we leave this place. I know it is not an easy thing to do to stop being so dang materialistic but I think we should all start trying now. Checking the mail and getting shiny new things every day has become an addiction. Opening the packages to reveal the gifts waiting inside gives me a high. My heart and mind are in the wrong place. It is time for that to change.

I challenge you to find what is holding your heart. Is it the fact that everyone else has an "amazing relationship" (more on that later by the way!!) Is it that everyone else has a higher "status" at work, or is doing better than you with the same job. Maybe you think other moms have got it all together and you still just can't figure it out. Let it go..... seriously.

Who's with me?



Organized Chaos said...

I often feel like this! I read blogs and I'm like what is wrong with me! I pump out posts that I think are amazeballs and no one reads then I throw something together last moment and it's like BAM 300 reached! I don't get it but I've learnt to stop comparing and be content in the life God put me! I think it's great how you're also doing the same!

Nancy @ Neatly-Packaged said...

I am with you!! :) Just need to live in the now! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like it is a blessing the you just followed me on IG! I am currently holding this conversation with my friend, and your words could not have come at a better time. I am with you, and I am working to move my eyes & desires back to the hill from wence cometh my help *insert emoji praise hands* lol

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