Monday, August 4, 2014

My life is full of Luxury

I actually had a post ready for today ( I know I was shocked too ) with pictures edited and all. Basically just putting my goals for August out there. I will have to post that another day because something else has come up that bugged me so much I felt like blogging about it. Because lets be real, this is the place I go when I have more to say than I can put into a facebook status or tweet. Or in this case, something I feel is important but I don't really want to shout it to the world that actually knows me in person. 

So here goes....

At least weekly I am bombarded with invites to direct sales type home parties, birthday parties, girls nights, lunches, dinners, drinks, BBQs etc. I have gotten really good at excusing my way out of them for one reason or another, but the truth is we just can't afford anything extra. People want me to run 5k's, donate for a cause, split an amazing deal they found somewhere to go wine tasting, and other things that "don't cost very much." Here's the thing... to me, they DO in fact cost more than I can afford. We live on a VERY tight budget. When I chose to stay at home after my daughter was born I had no idea how tight it would be. I knew that realistically it wasn't something we were able to afford at the time or even prepare for but I prayed and prayed and truly felt that God would provide, and He has. 

Sure, we don't get to go out to nice dinners, go on long vacations, take road trips, or buy things that aren't necessities. But, parks are free, game nights at home are free, our church events are free, and it won't be like this forever. Sometimes (more often than I care to admit) I get sad about the fact that it feels like I made a bad decision to stay at home, or the fact I haven't yet gone back to work. I feel bad for my husband who works so hard just to put all of his money towards bills and being able to put food on the table. I do surveys, enter giveaways, and babysit on the side to pay for my own car payment and gas.... but he carries our family for sure. Well in reality God does. 

All I ask is not to feel sorry for me but, pay your sitter on time, be understanding when someone tweets a TON of giveaways a day that blow up your twitter feed (this girl) and just take no for no when you invite someone out. Chances are if they could go they would, and if I could afford to babysit and be paid whenever you feel like it I would. Lastly, I enter giveaways more out of necessity than fun, I want to win so that we can enjoy some normalcy in our life..... or so I can enjoy some Starbucks and new clothes now and then ;)

Sure, it "doesn't cost that much" to most people to throw away $20.00 on whatever they want here or there, but listen to me when I say.... $20.00 to me, is gas to take my kids to the park, a couple new shirts for back to school shopping, or shoot sometimes that's my son's lunch money. When I say we don't have extra money I don't mean I just can't afford to put cash down on a new car, I literally mean If we don't NEED it to survive than I will not be spending money on it right now. My kids are happy, we own a beautiful home, have 2 decent cars, closets full of clothes (even if they are thrifted or hand me downs) we eat healthy foods, and own some really nice things. We have each other, and honestly have everything we need.

It's hard sometimes, but all in all friends LIFE IS GOOD, and my life still can be luxurious. 



Him & Me (But Mostly Me) said...

You have the absolutely right attitude about it and I wish that everyone were like you. So many people who are in the same position will go out and spend the money on credit cards and just build up debt. Good for you!

Organized Chaos said...

I'm right with you! You have the right mindset. Hubby and I are also like this right now and it is really frustrating at times. But I know in the long run it will be better! Hang in there! You'll see the light before you know it! and then while you're doing your debt free happy dance they'll be trying to budget which credit card they're skipping this month :-/

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