Monday, February 11, 2013

say whaaaaaa?

I have decided I am going to try to actually put aside an hour a day to blog. Like the same hr. everyday. who knows.
I did great with blogging when it was all I had to do LOL. Now that I am doing other work on the side I just flat out don't have time.
Thought I would fill in my small little following on what has been keeping me away ( other than the normal stay at home mommy things like cooking, cleaning and being with my kiddos) I not only started selling itworks wraps, took on an admin position at my church, and kept babysitting kids several days of the week but I also completely re-vamped by Etsy shop!
I finally decided to take my passions seriously.
I love finding new ways to be healthy (and skinny) I LOVE GOD, I love kids and I love to craft. Eventually I will not be babysitting as much. I like to help people out but at this point I am essentially working about 4 full time jobs for just enough money to go to my car payment and gas.
I need to start being selective and work harder on time management.
You other bloggers understand.....blogging can sometimes be another full time job.
I want to have time for it all
but I don't.
That being said check out these goodies in my shop!

That's all for now! I'll add the shop back to my side bar now so check it out!


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