Monday, February 4, 2013

why hello there captain flaky!

Let's play pretend....

As in pretend that I haven't been MIA for like .... ever.

Can we just pick back up where I left off... or maybe somewhere else. Lets just pick up.

So here goes:

Welp the baby is officially trying to crawl now ( which I thought she was going to do months ago because like all parents think of their own children she was "so advanced") but I am glad that she doesn't crawl yet, because when I start to think of everything that I am able to get done while she is sitting in one place with a toy, I get sad for these days to end. Umm hello like blogging! I know I know I haven't even been using my time for that obviously! LOL

 please ignore that mop on her head it hasn't been brushed yet today LOL

I'm still randomly picking up babysitting jobs here and there and as I look to the future I see another season of wishing there was more time in the day. That is where the name of the blog came from after all... wishing that I had even a dash of time more in the day. Then one day I woke up and had too much time with nothing to do.... psssh that never happens!


Ok sorry but I left the blog to go read my little sisters blog and then started thing about all the cleaning I need to do when I am blogging instead which then led to thinking about needing more pictures for my blogging which made me want a real camera which made me come back here and start pounding my fingers on the keys


I need to make a list of things to purchase with our tax return haha.

-clothes because Ive lost 30#s

-clothes for the baby because someone ( I wont mention names but she may or may not be the only sister I have) hasn't sent me any hand me downs lately and babies grow fast.
-a camera! 
- a new crib because the crib she has now is no good!!

I'll add to this idea later.



Jenn said...

I honestly was never envious of people whose babies learned to crawl/walk early. It is so much easier when they can only lay there. Otherwise it's like you look away for a second and they make a mess of the entire house! Plus that whole rocking back and forth on hands and knees things is just the cutest <3 Anyways need to go finish up that post I meant to have up like... 7 hours ago ;)

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