Monday, February 18, 2013

I've got nothing catchy.

As I am sitting here writing this I realized it is now official. i cant make excuses, or come back every week with new promises. I have fallen off.
I love to blog but my issue is that when I do I tend to spend way too much... I mean WAAAAAAY too much (like hours) editing the couple pictures that I put up. I feel like I wont even read a blog post that doesn't at least have ONE picture in it...right?! Sometimes I totally stage a mini photo sesh just for a blog post. As if I don't have more to do with my life hahaha. 
I think right after I had Jaida I didn't really have a life, I mean for real I was just surviving... in a post baby daze. I didn't really have a daily plan or even care for that matter. Anyone who has had a baby can hear me on this one! My world was consumed with what I thought life was as a stay at home mom.... cooking.... maybe cleaning ( like one dish out of the sink) if I had a spare minute.... baking things with lots of sugar..... and catching up on daytime television, and DVR'd nighttime shows too. I thought I was busy, because I was blogging. A LOT. Then it hit me.... well a "good" talk with the hubby opened my eyes. I had lost my drive. I had taken the "stay at home mom" role a little too far. i never wanted to isolate myself or fall off the wagon, I wanted to enrich the lives of my children and make my house a home.
Back in November is when I finally started cutting the crap. remember the "no sugar" thing? Remember my daily workouts with Jillian Micheals? Don't get me wrong, blogging was still my main focus (after God and my family of course) but that isn't adding anything to my life except for an escape.... a place to vent and brag and share and babble and go on and on and on about myself haha. At least I got my act together as far as eating right and working out. That still wasn't enough for me. I wanted to make some money and be a little less dependant on the hubbs. Although he is a great provider I was missing my daily Starbucks... and lessbehonest' he wasn't having my 5.00 a day addiction added to his budget. No Sir! and Although i didn't FORCE him to sign the papers for a new vehicle I did pout about it and make his life pretty miserable BEGGING him to get the SUV. So he did. However it was agreed upon- somewhere in fine print or a whisper perhaps- That I would be the one to come up with the payment and gas money for this purchase. WELP...... I may or may not have held up my end of the bargain. I picked up some babysitting gigs and sold some stuff here and there but I did not.... listen when I say DID NOT want to work.
 ** well I have been "back" for a few weeks now, with more passion, drive and determination than ever! 
Since this post is so long already I will fill you in on my new life outlook in a couple days. Tomorrow Jaida will be 8 months old and I will be posting an update so stay tuned. 
oh and let me add a picture to this thing before i go.
How bout Lil' bunny Jaida.
Thanks for ridin along with me people.... flake or not ;)


Jenn said...

It's true though - You know how many blogs I follow so when I'm clicking through my reader and choosing what posts I'm actually going to click through and read most of the time it is due to a picture on that post. It would take me forever to skim a bunch of text to figure out what the post is about and whether or not I will read it. Aint nobody got time for that!

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