Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday #1 {2015}


That is generally how I feel about the "Weigh in Wednesday" concept. I don't know if it is the fact that I don't like being held accountable, or the fact that I just don't want to admit I am still struggling with my weight, or something else completely, but here I am, once again blogging about it. I really, REALLY, want to be a success story! Of course I would love to go from lumpy, stretch mark covered mama, to hard body hottie but more than anything I just want to be comfortable in my skin! Hopefully, tight, fit skin haha.

I have been working out and drinking water and tracking my food since the beginning of last week 
( Yes, NOT the reason for that besides procrastination) 
and I have found that I really don't have a huge problem with eating clean, since we already eat pretty healthy around here, but I am really not great about the planning my meals out part. I need to portion out my {healthy} food and have it ready to grab in a pinch or those Cheeto puffs that my husband keeps  around will be all to easy to fall back on. 

Honestly, I don't want to be a bandwagon fit fan.... I didn't plan on even shouting this out on the blog but I need a change. I need somewhere to go and tell anyone willing to listen that I have succeeded or failed in my journey. I need somewhere to vent when Aunt Flo is on her wretched way and I am struggling to say no to chocolate. Or ALL.THE CARBS. I won't be sharing a before weight or picture because I don't want this to be a before and after until I finally reach my goals. I don't want to compete with anyone but myself and I don't want to HATE food because it is hard on my body and is all I think about everyday. I want to be healthy. I want food to fill me and nourish me, I want food to stop being my out when I have a bad day, or am sitting on the couch watching reality TV. I want to FINALLY have a good relationship with the only thing that has been both my best friend and enemy all in the same day.

So that's it.... I am "weighing in" weekly again and sharing with you all in complete honest fashion.
Wish me luck.....and if you want to, tag along with these ladies and link up like I am!

Weigh In Wednesday



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