Monday, January 12, 2015

Queen of Promises?

Just me again lovelies :)

I really just wanted to come here to vent...because ummmm, I just plain don't do that often enough. **cough cough** why have a blog if you aren't going to use it right? Of course right! I have nothing specific to talk about. No advice to give, and no sweet giveaways to share with you today BUT I do have myself. I alos have a few cute pictures I will share with y'all so you know I'm not just sitting around here doing nuthin. Even if I am.  hehe. 

I need some ideas as far as a blog schedule goes. Obviously this isn't my day job and is clearly just a hobby at this point, but being the queen of planning that I am , this blog is clearly failing. Does anyone else struggle under pressure? I know you do so don't lie now! Seriously, if I have a deadline my mind blanks on ideas and fills with air or something. All of a sudden im all "duuuuuuh" staring and the TV and junk. Help me. What do you do to keep yourself in check?! I have a bajillion things I want to share but sitting down to do it is rough.


welp, vent over.... nothing new learned and nothing exciting shared, Sorry bout that. Let's meet here again soon and actually DO something next time. cool? 

Oh, I know, I know...anyone else trying to take a picture everyday this year? Yes, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY
Well, I am. So far I have succeeded but then again it is only day 11. HA! Before I go, here is a sneak of what I've "snapped" so far this year:

Until next time loves...muah!


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