Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is it FALL yet?!

Vacation is over, Summer is over and fall is here!! Right?! Ok, so maybe I am a little premature on the fall talk BUT it was super gloomy here yesterday in the Pacific Northwest and I was loungin' around in my hoodie drinking a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks!
yup burry because I may or may not have been driving... via my Instagram feed
Even the cat was lazy!!
That was a joke.... cats are always lazy!
My cat Meiko, who I conveniently left with my parents when I moved out at 17 ;)
We are watching him for the week.... he won't be staying 
School starts for the boy next Wednesday. Even though it doesn't make me mom of the year I am SOOOOOO ready for him to be back in school... I mean seriously mommies, is it just me or is it nice to have that scheduled "free time" in the middle of the weekday?! Don't get me wrong, I am NOT so much a fan of the alarm clock telling me when to roll outa bed, but I should be moving earlier than later anyway so it's probably a good thing.
On that note I have a list of things I really need to get accomplished on the daily and for some reason I am failing in doing so. It's all about time management people and I SERIOUSLY need help in this department! I need time for daily devotions, working out, Hair and makeup, meal planning and prep, blogging, working the business, responding to and sending emails, watching Giuliana and Bill, Family time, laundry , cinderelly cinderelly... am I wrong? Do any of you have a way to keep everything straight during your days? Maybe an app.... or even better a printout to keep on the fridge!
Enough about you know what day it is?
It's Trendy Tot Tuesday!
I found this little link up a couple weeks ago and I have to say I am super excited to join in!! Y'all know how much I love showin off the trends of baby J!
Since I am just joining the link up for the first time, I have decided to do a compilation of several trendy Jaida pics so you can have a taste of "her" style!


Gosh I LOVE this girl!!
Looking forward to next weeks link up! Also secretly hoping she will be sporting a new fall look!!


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