Friday, August 2, 2013

Vlog FAIL and a Coffee date!!

sooooo...... today I really was totally going to VLOG. I was planning to link up for coffee date and everything..... BUT after I gave a speal about loving the tablet I just got etc etc I couldn't (and still cant) figure out how to upload my video.
le sob
oh well. I guess I will not vlog today and will instead just TELL you what I would tell you if we were having coffee together :)
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If we were having coffee together I would ask for your opinion on the following matter... I have this thing with hating when people need to drop something off or pick something up from you and they say they will "get it SOMETIME tomorrow." to me it is 1000 times worse than Comcast saying I need to be home for a "window" of 4 hours waiting on them...and I thought THAT was bad. Look, even if I am going to be home all day I don't like the thought that you are just going to show up out of the blue. A. I have a baby so I may be trying to get her to sleep, or changing her diaper, or doing anything else babies need. B. I may be just laying down to take a nap (see reason A for why I'd be napping) and don't feel like having the doorbell ring the second I drift onto dreamland! or C. I just want to lounge around in sweats all day and knowing someone will be showing up any second means I can't just look like a scrub! hehe
so am I weird?
If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am so over Jaida deciding she doesn't want to take naps in the afternoon anymore. UGH. She used to sleep all night, wake up to eat breakfast, then go back to sleep....then STILL take a nap later that afternoon. Now, not so much....sister just wants to scream. Ugh again. Lets just note than when daddy is home this is not a problem, she will sleep whenever she is put into her crib! Not fair I say!!
Lastly, I would tell you that if you are a salon owner or even just work in a salon you HAVE to look into selling itWorks at your salon. People, this is no joke... I was just listening to a call where one of the top money makers in the biz (were talking over $100,000 A MONTH) started out just selling wraps as an add on service at her salon. That is where the money is at my friends so let me know if you want to add it into your business and make some extra mullah!! Makes me wish I was a salon owner haha.
Thanks for having coffee with me, next time hopefully I will have a vlog for ya!!
now to go calm this baby down... look at this cutie!!


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