Tuesday, August 6, 2013

That time you just wanted to sleep all day

do you ever had one of those days...weeks...months (years maybe??!!) where things are so hectic and out of control that you cant even focus on showering daily?
yeah me either
BUT what has happened to me lately is that so many things are changing that I just want to sit down cross my legs and say "hmmmpff I don't wanna do ANYTHING!!"or maybe just eat far to many chips and dips while watching garbage TV.... ok you caught me.
I CAN be productive, I really can, but sometimes there is so much more that I honestly want to do in the day that just the thought of not stopping for any kind of rest is exhausting to think about...before I have even gotten out of bed. If you're still pickin up what I'm putting down I'll fill you in on some changes.
First, we have decided to start looking around for new churches. This may seem like just a normal every Sunday type thing to do but for us our church is HOME. At least it has been for the last 3 years (which as of tomorrow is as long as Jon and I have been married) Not only did the pastor marry us, but they have become our close friends and we even lead in teams there. The thing is, the church s about 40 mins from our house and even though I have so many great friends in that community it is a long way to drive for bible studies and community groups. We want to be involved but have found ourselves not going to things because we just don't want to drive that far. It is sad, and it is taking a lot out of me.
Second, I am going for a huge promotion in my business and man let me just tell you.... Life would be SO MUCH easier if you didn't have to deal with people. Excuses... I make them too sometimes but listen people you cannot be successful without putting in the time and effort! Trust me!! It just gets exhausting hearing them everyday!
Third, Jon is now president of the board for the HOA so he has lots to do on the side of having a "real" job to do 40hrs a week (at least)
Also, my mom and I have been arguing (for the first time since I was a teenager) and she is no longer helping babysit the kids at the moment. grrrrr.
Then there is the baby learning to walk, the baby refusing to sleep, and just the constant stress of everyday life, keeping up on the blog (not going so well sorry!!) eating healthy and working out, keeing playdates, keeping friendships, keeping the house clean, staying organized, watching Big Brother cooking dinner.....the list goes on and on. I know I don't have the option to just lay in bed and ignore the world everyday but shoot that would be so much easier than facing the fact that there is just not enough time in the day to do it ALL!!
How do YOU find peace and contentment?!


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