Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life without Social Media

Let me tell you about this past week. No, scratch that more like the last week and a HALF and YES that totally makes a difference.
So without blowing your mind and boring you to death I was without a computer for the last 10 days. When I first realized I would be without a computer for even a week I was devastated. Sad, I know! Imagine it though people.... do you even realize how often you are on the computer....or is that REALLY just me?! Then right after my initial freak out I went calm and thought "oh hey, mini vaca from social media" right?!
The computer is my everything!! It connects me to more than I realized. Yes, I could still visit Facebook and sort of read some blogs from my phone BUT I could not post where I needed to, write my blog, etc. Not to mention although I have several times I am due for an upgrade and this ratchety old phone can't hold a charge worth spit! ( Is that even a saying or did it just sound right so I typed it? Side note I think it sounds right because people would use profanity there....ohhhhh)
Now, after all the planning I had done to stay on top of my blog, and all of the scheduling and planning I had done for work I am struggling to get caught back up. grrrrr when will it get easier, and better question when will I get a new phone?! ( 47 days that's when ) So here I am, on a Saturday, trying to get my blog schedule organized, pictures edited etc.
Wish me luck.... or I may not be posting tomorrow!! ;)
Just an FYI I have a little contest going on for the biz... follow along if you want in!


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