Thursday, October 24, 2013

Antisocial Alert

What in the world is wrong with me lately?? I feel so antisocial. I'm not talking just the don't make eye contact, or the driving into my garage and closing the door behind me before I get out of the car type of antisocial. I'm talking like paralyzing avoiding everyone but my immediate family antisocial.
It' actually kind of funny because in the business that I am in the only way to grow is to tell anyone and everyone about the products I promote and help other people to do the same. As much as I have always loved attending and hosting parties I find myself just dreading them right now. Even MOPS at the church and playdates with my friends get pushed right out of the calendar.
Part of me thinks it is again part of the extreme PMS.... mostly because I want to also eat the whole world right now...(no, I am NOT pregnant)
Another part of me things something has tipped my bipolar disorder and my meds have stopped working (a very likely possibility)
Still another part thinks that it is just the pure laziness that invades me as soon as the first leaf turns yellow in Autumn.
**I also just realized I may have never mentioned that I am diagnosed Bipolar.... surprise! **
That being said, I really need a good pick me up. I need to find a way to get outa this funk! I'm thinking a pumpkin spice chai from Starbucks, and a trip to Target would cure my "blues" but its not going to make me any more social.
oh well
How can I NOT want to be social when these two are tagging along?

ignore the horrible quality of the front facing camera on my iphone 4S
Anyone else have an antisocial issue lately?


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