Saturday, October 19, 2013

hello blogland

I miss blogging.
Since when did I get to lazy busy to blog? It's funny (in a sarcastic way) that I started this blog as a place to vent and just talk about life and it somehow turned into a job of sorts. While I love linking up every now and then, and having a blogging schedule helps me feel organized, it also makes me feel a little like a failure. I have started so many posts in the past month that I probably have a good start to a book I could call "the art of failing, and other unfinished stories of the ADHD brain."
I compare myself to other people so often. It is a sick disease if you ask me. When it comes to blogging I think everyone is so witty and have such interesting lives. Everyone else seems to be an amateur or even professional photographer. Other bloggers are dramatic, or funny, or just plain interesting and I draw blanks about what to write about on the daily.
Maybe everyone else makes time to blog. I just don't. I do it in my "spare" time when I'm not shoving my face with white cheddar popcorn and catching up on Greys Anatomy. Let's be real.... I don't make this place a priority. It sure feels good to be back and maybe soon I will have a recipe, baby (now toddler) update, pictures or just something interesting to share. Right now however, I've got to tend to that toddler who is jumping up and down in her crib after only taking a 30min. nap. UGH.
Mama needs a shopping break!


Jennifer Collver said...

Yay! I was happy when I saw your blog on my Bloglovin' reading this morning :)

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