Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh what a day!

You know friends, life is frustrating. Let's be honest here.... life is HARD. Yesterday was one of those days that I was really feeling tested. It felt almost as though from the moment I woke up until the moment I laid my head down to call it a day the world was just spinning in the wrong direction. I felt rushed to get out the door when I had plenty of time, nothing fit right and the mop of hair on my head was all wrong. I went and met with a group of girls from church and was let down by a comment I heard was said about me behind my back.... by church friends. ouch. 
Later in the day I went to the mall and instead of feeling relaxed and enjoying myself, I felt afraid. Yes, you read that right, AFRAID. I was looking over my shoulders getting out of the car, and walking through the mall I kept imagining all of the (2) mall shootings I've been aware of. I felt paralyzed with fear. I wanted to just turn around and walk back out but I chose to keep shopping. I did however feel a sense of relief when the mall's rent a cop went for a smoke break at the same time I walked out to the parking lot. It was only a small sense of false security, but hey I'll take it!
After stopping to pick up dinner and feeling physically sick for spending "so much" money on food, we headed back home. Jordon promptly through a fit about wanting to play outside pretty much guaranteeing I wasn't going to catch a break from this backwards day. We ate, Jaida had a bath, we read some books and then she went to bed. Relax time.
Teething strikes again and the baby wakes crying every 30 mins. Enter headache. I don't even really remember Jordon coming down to say goodnight somewhere in between the strawberries and nutella I was snacking on while catching up on smut TV. Next thing you know, I'm balling and feeling hopeless during 19 Kids and counting. What.The.Heck.
It's PMS people, it's got to be. I think its worse than normal and I think I'm a bit sick of it.... Now where is my Nutella?



Jennifer Collver said...

Sounds like a super "fun" day :P Also... STEP AWAY FROM THE NUTELLA! PUT THE SPOON DOWN! (I know your eating it out of the jar on a spoon ;))

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