Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photo a day catch up

First things first... lets play a little photo catch up shall we. I only did 2... yeah I know TWO that is super lame.
This first picture is from the 15th.... the topic is #DINNERTIME:

So I actually had forgotten to do my photo challenge pic that day (like normal) but I decided to finally eat some dinner at about 930pm when I had a free minute. I just thought it looked so good that I wanted to intagram it :) then I happened to look at the blog photo a day list and TU DUH it was exactly what I was supposed to take a pic of for the day!!
Second one is from today and it is #4:00:

I was coming home from picking up the baby from my mom's house and stopped for a quick mcflurry. Don't worry I will count those points (weight watchers) I had set an alarm for 4:00 to take the pic and was still caught off guard when it went off.


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