Thursday, October 25, 2012

you WILL sleep

Listen here little baby.... mommy needs some sleep.... mommy needs a schedule..... mommy is going CRAZY!
I have always planned to put Jaida on a schedule. Not so much so that I have to say "sorry (enter friends name) it's Jaidas nap time so we can't hang out." PSHHH never! I want it to be more like " Duh ( enter friend's name) we can hang, as a matter of fact we can do anything we want because Jaida will sleep through it." ;)
I know that it is possible because I have seen it done..... doing it myself is another story. ---enter the CIO (cry it out) method---
A friend of mine let me borrow the Baby Wise book and I started reading. I have to admit that I "read" it in true Erin fashion { read = skimmed} and I got the point though.... let the baby cry, and get the baby on a schedule. So I am.
We just moved her into her own room which was hard enough because she slept so well in her Rock and Play sleeper right next to me at night. I'm talking 7-8 hrs a night pretty much since day one. So this lack of sleep is not fun now that she is 4 months old.
Here is her schedule at this point ( meaning we are trying this today)
7:30 am - wake up
Bottle ( 6 oz formula)
9:00-11:00- morning nap
11:30- Bottle ( 4oz. Breast milk)
Play/wake time
1:30- 3:30- afternoon nap
Bottle ( 4 oz breast milk)
play/wake time
5-530 or 6 - cat nap in swing
7:00pm bath/book
7:30 - bottle ( formula or breast milk)
and so far it's 10:30am and she is sleeping while I blog:::
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***yes I am aware she is laying on her tummy.... she is an avid roller and per Dr's. orders if she rolls to her tummy "just let her sleep" ***


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