Monday, October 15, 2012

So here we are.... again

OK..... about the picture of something that makes me laugh. You got me, I didn't post one and you know what, I'm not going to. It's just to late now. I never said I was great at these daily picture challenges, sometimes I don't want to be put in a box. LOL.... look I set my alarm to remember todays ok sheesh. :)

So here is how I go to this blog...because it is not my first.
I had always wanted to blog, you know ....sat at the computer looking at that space that says "name here" as in a NAME for my blog. A name that will be tied to me forever if people really started to get interested. Well I got anxious and just wanted to get moving so I named my blog based on my life RIGHT THEN. I was pregnant so I named my blog baby ________'s  (last name there) lullabies.
After documenting my entire pregnancy and then falling short with continuing to blog once the baby was born I realized something...... that was a part of my life and a great part BUT it is not my whole life. The blog isn't all about the baby, it is also about husband... my son.... and life in general, so I am starting over.
This time I thought about what I would want more of in life....... Time.
If only I could have just a little more in everyday..... just a dash......
A Dash of Time.


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