Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boys VS Girls

Time for
GIRLS VS BOYS ...closet style....
Seriously. Any of you mommies have a boy and a girl (or multiples of either/both) notice the difference in closet size or fullness. Maybe it's just the fact that clothes and shoes have always been one of my fav things.
I'm not sure either if the fact that my son is almost 10 and is a dirty, stinky almost pre-teen boy (ummm what is the official pre-teen age btw?) or if it is the fact that boy clothes just bore me. Jordon has his own "style" which is basically clothes that we have approved and bought for him since he could really care less. We do go back and forth on the long hair vs. clean cut issue in this house. Usually long hair wins for winter and clean cut comes back for summer/soccer season.

EXHIBIT A : The boys room

and for real ALL his pants end up looking like this within weeks...maybe even days of getting them!

Jaida on the other hand....
Where do I even begin?
She has more clothes than I know what to do with, more shoes than she prob ever needs and a mom who has a shopping addiction. HELP!! Thanks also to the world of Pinterest and my "baby swag" board she is always trending new outfits ;)

EXHIBIT B: The Girl's Room::

and i feel the need to mention that those drawers are full of LAYERS of onsies and pants etc... not to mention every hanger has a shirt on it up there so don't let the fact that they are all pushed together fool you!

Oh man oh man... that picture doesn't even do her closet justice. Maybe another day I will have a post dedicated to her shoe collection :)

Until then,
look at what Jaida got as a token of appreciation for her "modeling gig" the other day!!
courtesy of Little Sticky Fingers!



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