Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Be Brave!

Welp.... I did it.
I posted my before and afters for my itWorks business on the world wide web.
My stomach was in some serious knots before hand. As a matter of fact I took the pictures 2 days ago and they were just sitting on my phone. I didn't even want to show my husband to which he replied "did you think I didn't know what you looked like?!" haha good point hubs good point.
The good news?
Well what do you want first?
There's the fact that I feel an insane amount of relief for finally getting up the courage to post that picture.
There is also the fact that my inbox was flooded and my phone blew up with people either wanting to also try the products or tell me that my pictures were inspiring.
or maybe you want my favorite bit of good news......
The fact that pictures say 1000 words and you cannot tell me that you STILL don't believe the products will work for you. They worked for me, you can SEE that! I swear I have the most stubborn belly fat around. I have worked out, I have quit sugar, I have dieted a million different diets, and maybe i should remind you that my belly looked like THIS 9 months ago...
Now the comments "your ALL belly" aren't as endearing!
Don't misunderstand me here... if you want lasting results you NEED to live a healthy lifestyle. I will be back on the workout train soon...and really will take this no sugar thing seriously (after the ice cream makes it way outa the house) without further adu ( thats prob spelled wrong) here they are!!
the left is before and the right is after....duh
I did 4 wraps total ( 1 box) in a 12 day period. I wrapped every 72hours and drank half of my weight in oz of water!
want more info? Here are your options::
Email me//
I have a long way to go I know but hey these results are pretty great if you ask me :)
**Now I have posted it twice... your welcome hahaha


Hope said...

I'm so proud of you!! What a big difference - esp on the top set of photos!! You've had the 2 babies ... imagine 4... uhg. But my problem isn't so much my tummy (at least that's not the main area I hold weight ... and stretched out skin) but thighs. It's as if the belly stretch and "storage" sunk down to my saddle bags. SIGH! Do these wraps work on that area as effectively as tummy? I'd be really curious to hear!

Anyway -- CONGRATULATIONS!! You look beautiful!

E.Elizabeth said...

Awww thanks Hope! :) Thats funny you asked about the thighs because I have a friend who does her "saddle bags" and she is one of my biggest advocators! She is in LOVE with the wraps on her thighs haha!! I will send you some before and after pics I have seen lately too!

Also I do know for myself I have been using the Defining gel that we sell on my thighs for cellulite and it has almost COMPLETELY disappeared...pretty amazing!

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