Sunday, April 7, 2013


First of all, asking me to pick a "FAV" from each of the following boards is so wrong!! Especially the food pins ...Um HELLO it is going to take me hours of looking at food pins on my board just to pick a favorite. Not to mention I have not made dinner yet so now my ADHD brain that tries to stay off Pinterest when I already have a menu written out is going to be super distracted!
While I am side tracking.... let me tell you a little secret.... I may or may not have decided to "refashion" some of my old clothes into trendy little clothes for Jaida. Let me tell you another secret....that was a COMPLETE waste of at least 5 hours of my life. I am not a sewer. I have no patience so I try to shortcut everything.... not a good idea.
Lets just say I am now out about 3 shirts and Jaida still has nothing "refashioned"....GULP.
Ok back to the Sunday Social!
Sunday Social
..... here goes Nuthin'!

What is your favorite outfit pin?

yep!! LOVE this one! I actually bought a leopard scarf (from Hong Kong for a penny) and black skinnies just because of this pin. Only problem is I really dont think sock buns look good with my face shape... I dunno. Also I still need to invest in a salmon/coralish/pink sweatshirt. Supes Cute!

What is your favorite food pin?

Ok, so I know that I have been bad on the recipe blogging front but even though you can't see proof I swear I try to make at least 4 new Pinterest meals each week. I have a few staple items that I make maybe once a month on average because they are favorites in this household! The above is one of those.... It is SOOOO easy! Its Just a melted stick of butter on a baking sheet with 1-2 lemons cut into slices on top, shrimp on top of that and then sprinkle a pkg. of Italian Seasoning over the top! BOOM easy! Oh then bake at 350 for about 15 mins.
What is your favorite wedding pin?
awww sad.... I don't have a wedding board. I mean really not THAT sad because I am already married so why would I right? Well actually Here's the thing....hubs and I got married "eloping" style. Basically we told family and close friends but were only married in front of 6 being my then 7yr old son ;) His family lives out of state and while we would have LOVED to have them here we couldn't afford it and we didn't want to do all the planning that would have been involved, BUT I would secretly like to plan a "real" wedding ceremony for our 5th anniversary. Complete with a honeymoon that we also never had! That is a little over 2 years away so perhaps I should start a "dream wedding/vow renewal" board!

What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?
Well now THIS is almost as hard as picking a favorite food pin. This is my next project...super cute right?!

What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin?
Oh if only I could count the number of times I have heard at the end of a story i have told " is THAT the whole story?"
haha well let's just say I would be RICH!

Share one more random pin you love.
This one is from my "baby swag" board. Hello...this board is where I get style ideas for the baby!! :) It is my new favorite board by the way!
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Jennifer Collver said...

First of all those shrimps look delish and even though it is only 7 in the am I want to eat them! Also I would love for you to have another wedding, one that I could actually BE THERE for haha.

E.Elizabeth said...

You should totally make this! I even use frozen shrimp haha then make rice on the side. its the easiest dinner ever!! Also yes it would be awesome to have a "real" wedding :) I suppose I would invite you bwhaha!

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