Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday......
I am actually not dreading you this week ( in case you forgot in this house Friday = Monday)
Maybe it's the nice weather that we have had the last few days. Maybe it's the fact that the house is clean and I have nothing planned until this evening. It could even be that I am just not thinking further ahead of this moment right here and now where I am in blog-land and happy!
Whatever the case it is time for Friday's Letters.

Dear Sun, thank you for showing your glorious face these last few days which is the "weekend" in our house. Dear Anxiety, I really don't understand why buying something as simple as a birthday present can make you go wild. Calm down would ya'  Dear Hubs, Thanks for being an amazing man, even though your OCD can drive me crazy it is so nice to know that our house will always be spotless when you are here and even if you hate the constant cleaning you never complain....bless your soul! Dear Perfectionism, you are perfect and you get on my nerves when it comes to editing photos and writing! Dear Target, I hope you are happy. I am officially grounded from stepping foot in another store of yours until I stop feeling the need to buy everything, and then doing just that. So that means I will probably not see you anytime soon. Dear Coco, (the pit bull) welp I guess you're not the dog for us because your shelter doesn't return emails.... {but say only to send an email and have no number...whaaaa?!}... it's ok though getting a dog was vetoed at our house for now so I'm not sure why I emailed anyways haha. Dear "the Voice", I love you. that is all!
Hope all you lovelies enjoy YOUR weekend! HAPPY FRIDAY!


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