Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life Changes

You know.... there comes a time ( or several) in your life where you realize you may have taken a route that was meant to lead to a dead end. I believe God allows you to take these routes because it's the wall at the end..... that you sometimes slam your face into.... where the true lesson is found. Sometimes I think I hear God speaking to me and telling me that I need to go one way when in fact that could purely be temptation calling my name.

As many of you know, or by my lack of blogging may have figured..... I got "too busy." As if the life of a stay at home mom isn't busy enough I added other things to my plate, simply trying to "do it ALL." I wanted to help my friends, earn extra money for shopping, be more involved with everything...everywhere. But you can't do that. You can't live your life always looking for more because guess what happens..... you stop spending quality time with GOD. You miss out on family nights, and day dates with your hubby. Your kids grow up in the backseat of a car because you never spend time just BEING home. So how did I stop running to fast you ask?


My prayers aren't always perfect and God knows the prayers of this last season were far too rushed, but he still spoke to me by giving me an immense peace within myself to know that I am not living with faith when I am trying to do it all....alone. I felt him telling me that I don't have to have a title. I don't need to be the first person to volunteer for everything that is put in my path. I need to rest in the fact that even though I only have one voice, this voice can touch thousands, or this voice can touch one...and BOTH are important to God. I need to let go and let God lead me to the place that I belong.

Don't get me wrong, I have dreams, and goals and it says very clearly in the bible that we are designed to work and I have no intentions to just sit back and hope that life will just be handed to me on a silver platter. However, I will not take on every project or opportunity I see any longer. I have learned to say "no." To put my family first.... better yet to put God first!!

Wondering if you are heading straight into the wall of a dead end? Pray... he will answer!



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