Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Its gettin REAL folks

I had no intentions to blog today. In fact I have been so super busy and on my feet most of the day that I just wanted to stalk everyone else's blogs and drink my chai latte in peace.
No but really look at this super sweet ceramic tumbler my friend bought me as an early Christmas gift
Anyway, as I was reading through blogs I happened upon one of my favorites Living in Yellow and Erin had written about things she was afraid to open up about on her blog. It got me thinking... not only about her #10 thing, because that was a good one as I often wonder the same thing, but about being open and honest when blogging in general. When I started my very first blog - this hideous mess- my intentions were to write all about my pregnancy, every.last.detail. I was planning to document the gas and bloating and hemorrhoids and all the other wonderfully truthful pregnancy side effects. Then I started reading other pregnancy blogs with chalkboard signs showing the size of the baby with its corresponding fruit, and nurseries decorated with trendy chevron patterns, teepees and foxes. Everyone was cloth diapering and pureeing fruits and veggies into pre-frozen baby food pouches. So I bowed out of honest posts gracefully and jumped on the perfect pregnancy bandwagon.
Well fast forward to 2013, and although I am not pregnant anymore (now THAT would make for a good blog story.... shoot even news story....) I realized that often I don't blog because my life isn't rosy enough at the moment or all I want to do is complain but I don't want to be "that blogger." I make sure to post only the best pictures of my family and lifestyle and leave out the messy moments. My biggest fault is that I started this blog as an online journal, where I could open up and vent to the online world, meet people that are similar, and maybe help someone along the way.
I have failed.
HONESTLY, I am bipolar. As in diagnosed and medicated.
HONESTLY, I have lazy tendencies and procrastinate way to much.
HONESTLY, I am 40lbs overweight and need to get my bum in gear.
HONESTLY, I am a Christian and feel like I have a strong relationship with God, yet I have so many questions and doubts and often I just don't hear him.
HONESTLY, marriage is hard I mean freaking HARD and people just don't talk about it.
HONESTLY, our finances are extremely tight and its because of MY choice to be a stay at home mom when we could really use a second income.
Lastly, I am extremely afraid to displease people or not fit in, but guess what you guys? I think we ALL share so many of these issues and what kind of community of bloggers are we if we keep living in the fake world where its all about keeping up with the Jones' .... or Kardashians ;)
So who else is jumping on the honesty train and gettin real with the blog world for 2014?!


Miss.AishaLC said...

Hey! Love this post! That is very courageous! I admire that :) Keep asking to hear from God- He is always listening! :) :)


Kristine said...

I'm on medication as well for bipolar disorder... but they haven't quite said for sure if it's bipolar disorder or not? Weird. Either way; I can relate! ♥

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