Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morning Ramblings & goals!!

So here is what I decided with the weight loss sharing vs not sharing on the blog dilemma. I took before pictures and I am documenting the entire process in a fitness journal (thanks sister for buying it for me!) BUT I am not going to do weekly weigh in posts or anything right now. I want to get into the swing of things without the stress of blogging about it as well. Part of me thinks that it would hold me accountable to blog along, but then the honest me says "hmmm, remember this post, this post,  oh this one too that was from LAST new years and look I even promised weekly weigh in posts here...." that's right, I seem to have issues sticking to your blogging schedule especially when it comes to weight loss documenting!  It's actually a little embarrassing looking back over those posts. Not only to see how many times I have started and failed but also for the fact that I am not even 10lbs less than when I started the weigh in Wednesday posts back in MAY. Good gravy. The only thing I did stick too is selling wraps and supplements with my it Works business.... I'm really good at helping OTHER people reach their goals!
Onto the next bit of rambling....
I don't want to make official New Year's resolutions because umm... see previous rambling.... but I do think my sister has a good idea. She says she is going to make monthly goals that will be easier to stick to. I like that idea. My ADHD brain is so filled with a bazillion things that I want to do this year and I always try to start everything on the first day and then quit before the week is over because its just too much. I think my mini goal for January will be just to write down EVERYTHING that I eat. I have goals also for the business etc. but if I list everything here I will get overwhelmed.
One day at a time.
Maybe my first goal should be to write out a blog schedule for the month of January!
Here are my first months goals::
Blog- write out a blog schedule
Business- Post daily on Facebook and follow up with at least 3 people/week
Personal- Log everything I eat and drink more water!
Marriage- Finish "the love dare" book together ( I will have to blog about this because I have some funny stories to tell you!)
Family- Go back to family game night once a week!
Ok, wish me luck!!  


Kristine said...

Writing out a blog schedule is the only way I'm able to blog as much as I do. Which doesn't seem to be that much lately, ha.
P.S. I'm seeing you're from Washington?! Love finding other Washingtonians on here! ♥

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