Monday, December 23, 2013

keep going!!

Whew... what a week right? Seriously this entire month has been so full of craziness and has moved so quickly that I am just constantly playing catch up! I swear there cannot be an entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.... how is that possible..... it FLIES!
I haven't posted anything about my business this entire month! No giveaways, no wrap parties, not even an inspirational quote! I'm sure everyone thinks I have thrown in the towel. Even though I have definitely lost the title for best business owner for the month of December, I can assure you I am still going strong slinging' the wraps! I really blame it on Breaking Bad.... we started watching it on Netflix and Could.Not.Stop! I have a hole in my heart and emptiness in my soul now that its finished too! Clearly there was no time for anything else during our binge watching sessions, not to mention I couldn't let anything pull me away. No way José! 
Sad?! Only if you have never seen it because I promise y'all would feel the same if you had watched!!
Anyway, I should totally jump right back into my work but I am full of excuses for the rest of December. We are having Christmas brunch at our house this year so I have lots of shopping and prepping to do before hand. This may be a lie, I am just making a casserole. Hehe.
If anyone else is feeling drained these days due to the holiday crazies then I have one thing to say to you....

really this is one of my favs for the business and my team but I think it applies here too! Don't let life and the crazy consume you! Laugh... be merry... enjoy yourselves and I will strive to do the same!

That's all for now.... I have something super exciting happening behind the scenes in the blog world, cant wait to reveal it!
Stay tuned!


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