Thursday, May 23, 2013

Only ONE month left...eeeeep!

 I have been super busy these last few weeks. Spending time with my sister and her family as they visited from Colorado.... spending time with hubs while he was on vacation from work.... and lots and lots of lazy down time that I totally should have just found a little time to blog or SOMETHING!! I don't know about everyone else but whenever I allow myself more than a day to "do nothing" it quickly turns into a month of wasted time and procrastination! Gotta stop that!! Time management people time management!

After all that I literally took NO pictures :(  Jordon had his 10th birthday pics. Hung out with tons of family and my pics. Enjoyed the sun and time pics.


So here we are It is a new day, and I have a chance to start fresh. As my sister once said "if you are a blogger, you take pictures of EVERYTHING!" (side note... I should tell HER that if she is a blogger she needs to blog more than once a month **cough cough**) So let me try a little harder to do just that!

Let's to an update on the baby...who is almost a toddler now AHHH!!

note she turned 11 months on the 19th whoopsy daisy


You are more and more precious as the days fly by. You have such an enormous personality and are just so smart and entertaining, I could watch you play for hours! You are already "talking back" by saying "NOOOO" to almost everything.... boy does that roll off your tongue too easily. You seem to think it is the most fun these days to throw everything off of your highchair tray at meal time. Not cool baby girl! You are still not walking (which is fine with me!!) but you pull yourself up on everything and pull things down from everything else LOL.
You cruise around on furniture but won't let go.... maybe you get that from me, mama has a fear of failure shhhh.
Daddy and I thought since now you are eating pretty much what we eat that we would start letting you try sips of whole milk..... funny well not so funny thing is WE don't even drink cows milk anymore. Either way the dr. told us we could start the transition off of formula, and because I pretend you are a mini person rather than an infant we gave you a sippy cup with formula/whole milk mix.(only like an oz of whole milk)
 You did drink it...a couple times over the last few days... and then today we noticed that you had a small rash around your mouth, you have daily diaper blow outs and boy have you been FUSSY!! I'm sorry baby girl if your tummy is hurting..... we won't be giving that to you again!
We are now trying rice milk and hoping to eventually have you join the rest of us in drinking coconut milk :)
Mama loves her coconut milk!
You are still sleeping all the time! (630pm-8am with 2 or 3 naps a day!) We were blessed with you being such an angel baby...You have such a wonderful personality and are so smart ...such a good baby!!! Now let's carry this into the pre-teen and teenage years shall we?!
Your hair is crazy long and all different lengths making it hard to do anything.... seriously drives me nuts! Your bangs are in your eyes but I have already cut them 3 time since birth and I would rather pin them back at this point. You are finally wearing 12 month old clothes (mostly) which is a little sad saying goodbye to some of your cute little things...but bring on the style now!!!
We just had your drs. apt this week and you weigh 20lbs. and are 28.5 inches tall
pretty much 50 percentile on all the charts.
I Love love LOVE you sweet girl!!
Now....onto some out takes and "selfies"


lillie said...

she weighs 20 lbs? Eli weigh 20 lbs. sheeeesh i gotta fat kid. haha

E.Elizabeth said...

haha well first of all he is a BOY! Jordon was super chunky as a baby/toddler so i was like "aw crap he has MY body type" lol but now he is only 60lbs at TEN ( sooo skinny!) you just never know.....

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