Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Things::Be afraid. Be very afraid

I had a plan! I am going to do my "30 things" blog on Thursdays!
So welcome to  ......
Ok.... well that's where the plan failed. With hubby being off on Thursday it feels more like Sunday (since today is his Monday) so..... yeah...... I forgot to get this blog up YESTERDAY for the start of '30 things Thursday'
How bout I write it in my amazing erin condren planner and promise to get these out on the right day next time!! You got it folks..... next time ;)
Second on the list of 30 is
Well, well, well.... Fear you say? There are so many things that I am sure every mother, wife, daughter etc. fears. Things that I'm sure I don't need to speak ( or write ) out. You know them. I am thinking a little more tame here....
3 things that "scare"me!
(ewww.. even this picture makes me scared!)
Here's the thing with spiders.... they move so fast and some jump and they have 8 legs and they can bite and...... seriously I could keep going but you get the point. Just the thought of something with 8 legs and googly eyes looking at me in "attack mode" is scary! Hubby isn't a fan either. My husband is a strong man and doesn't scare easily..... unless you are a spider then you may have found a weakness HAHA.
He really thinks a spider might jump off the wall and attack his face or something. So funny.
Maybe it is more the fear of falling, I'm not sure. When I am up high and I look down and notice OH MAN it's awful! I'm talkin knees knocking and sweats like crazy! I have even started feeling nauseous looking at a view from the plane or even a picture (like above) as if I am ever going to be tightrope walking to work like that guy. I mean really guys it's bad..... I don't even like being on a ladder.... that has 4 steps.
and finally get ready to laugh (everyone does....especially hubs)
#3 CHALK!!
yep. Laugh away. I HATE chalk. I'm not sure if you could say I am "afraid" of chalk but I always tell people that I have a "chalk-phobia" because it gives me the willies. My children can't have chalk here because I cannot be around it. Just looking at it makes my hands dry and makes my skin crawl. The way it scratches when it writes YUCK. OK enough... now I'm off to find some lotion. Blah!!
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