Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday.... in case you hadn't noticed

That's right it's time for my weekend update since it is Monday....again....already!! Time flies! Unlike (what seems like) everyone else Mondays are FRIDAYS in our house!
Jon has actually confused Jordon at times when dropping him off at the bus in the morning. He will tell him on a Monday that the week is over or on a Friday tell him to "make it a good week." Poor kid. Don't even get me started on how many times I think it's garbage night on Thursdays..... Oh man we are all messed up with this schedule.... but I LOVE it.
So, here goes my .....
Well Saturday was ( I think) Jordon's last soccer game of the season. YAY.
Don't get me wrong, I love the Saturday morning games and all the fun that is soccer BUT once it starts getting cold and rainy and my outfits consist of sweats and rainboots I am ready to be done!
So I got up early, made my coffee woke the kids up and got them ready to leave as well. I got all the way to the field, got the baby all bundled, grabbed the diaper bag, and chair and walked across the huge field and sat down. Ah, time to relax and watch the game on this cold ( but sunny) day.
The coach from the other team that practices with Jordon came over to let me know the OUR game had been moved..... to another field...... 45 mins away.... and not for another 4 hours.
psssssh. we didn't go. Forget that!
Needless to say we then went home.
Later.... my friend came over ( for the first time ever but we live only blocks away from each other LOL) and she got me started on my new time waster hobby {when I watch more videos} KNITTING!
Totally want to make these::
Sunday like usual was The best church EVER! followed by hangin with some Hope hotties a Hope kids coordinator meeting.
Really it was a super laid back weekend here. Some plans were cancelled due to some family emergencies, but we made the best of the weekend regardless.
YOU GUYS.... want to know the BEST news ever???
Since "quitting sugar" ( I am allowing myself fruit and sugar free sweeteners because life seemed so boring without sugar haha) I have lost 6 lbs this week. SIX lbs a WEEK.
one week
So that did it for me..... Sugar and I are officially done. We have split up for good.


Jenn said...

Please tell me you are NOT using your EC planner as a coaster for your COFFEE CUP!! Congrats on your weight loss so far - Glad that no sugar thing seems to really be working for you but there is NO WAY I'm jumping on THAT bandwagon bahaha. (Also I'd be totally fine if you went in and changed it so I didn't have to fill in the captcha stuff everytime I wanted to comment cause I suck at them...)

Aprad said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I could never do without sugar. 3 tsps for every cup of coffee!! and I love those knitted boots too!!!
makes me want to learn how to knit it for my imaginary daughter!

+To Me It Matters+

E.Elizabeth said...

LOL thanks guys.... I didn't think I could do no sugar either. UNTIL I lost 6 lbs and found a ton of delish recipes. The candy and goodies in my pantry still holler at me everyday but just like other exes I just remind them we are DONE :)
Jenn.. ok ok I'll remove the captcha. later

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