Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in Heaven

My alarm went off way to early this morning and when I looked at my phone (which I silence at night) I saw that my mom had called twice already. When I texted her the reply was "call me"

I knew....

My Grams has gone to be with the Lord.

  I am thankful that she will not be in pain but my heart is heavy today. It would have been my grams and pappaws 65th wedding anniversary in a few days and although my pappaw has his own health issues I cannot imagine the grief of losing your lifelong partner. I ache for my mom and my aunt and uncle because I know all too well the pain of losing a parent no matter the age or amount of time you had with a loved one it never seems like enough.

I am beyond thankful that Jordon knew her and that she was able to meet Jon. I will always have memories to share with Jaida who will never get to know her in person. I'm so glad that we all got to be together a year ago for what was now my Grams' last Christmas.

Although I grieve for her I find comfort and peace in knowing that while we celebrate the birth of  Jesus Christ here on earth she will be enjoying the biggest and best birthday party WITH HIM in heaven.

Rest in Peace Grams!


Ceashells said...

I am so sorry for your loss Erin....

Erin said...

thanks Colleen!

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