Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye Twenty-Twelve

Well whatya' know 2012 is about to be "soooo last year."

While a lot has happened for me in twenty twelve ( you may have heard I had a baby?!) even more has happened to the world!! I just wanted to break down the 10 most memorable happenings of this year....  in my opinion.

****Now I know, I know there was an Election, Olympic games, a cruise ship ran ashore in Italy, Whitney Houston died, and there were some horrible shootings in Colorado and Connecticut but instead of focusing on the bigger, or more devastating events like those I am taking things in a slightly different direction.

Since the election WAS a big part of this year however, I have thrown it in as a songified version of the debate.

So check out #10 of the countdown::

Ummmm..... I may or may not look up every big event that ever happens, on Songified version.

Next up at #9 is this guy:

Felix Baumgartner
who in case you didn't know JUMPED from like the edge of outer space! ( I feel like in that pic above he is totally saying "psssh SPACE? that's nuthin!)
seeing as how I can't seem to jump from even 3 feet up without feeling woozy.... I give him mad props!

#8 is the end of a legacy! Nah just the end of GTL and T-Shirt time being televised in the form of true reality that is Jersey Shore.

I'm guessing it had to end because one cast member got sober and another one had a baby.... I think that takes away from the "party house" just a tad, but hey they are still richer than me so ummm good .for .them. I guess.

# 7 on the countdown of 2012 is Jessica Simpson's baby ( Maxwell Drew) who I'm pretty sure endured at least 14 months in the womb.

 she finally escaped!
Good thing she cleared out just in time for Jessica Simpson to become the spokes woman for Weight Watchers only to get pregnant again!

While we are on the topic of people that are preggers that brings me to #6 is the obsession with Kate Middleton's womb and fetus.

I mean we already hear enough about her "royal hats" and even more about her "royal style"  do we really need to hear EVERY aspect of her "royal pregnancy??".... Come one people that is going to make for a VERY long start to 2013! ( Not to mention it is a royal pain in the butt, and we are royally screwed.) hehe

Well enough about that. Moving on.

#5 is the end of KayPat or RobStew aka: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattenson..... I can't keep up with those celeb titles really.

 Anywho, "K.Stew cheated on Rob Pat and he kicked her out, but like all celebs that still have to show up together for huge movie premiers on the daily, they worked it out and now the Twi-hards ( like me) can breathe a sigh of relief!! ** after all who wanted to sit through the child custody battle for Renesmee ;)

on to #4: Honey Boo Boo hollered for a dollar and got a show baby!

 Wow.... just Wow. They will make anyone a "reality T.V" star! I admit I have only seen a few episodes (which is embarrassing enough) but it is so gross and so downright disgusting that I am still in disbelief that they were just signed for a second season...yes you heard me correctly, Honey Boo Boo (and her mom) will be filling your screen again next season. YUCK!

Next on the list is #3: The comeback of Britney Spears **tied with** the comeback of Lindsey Lohan.

ok, this was a lie. Although they have both shown their faces on TV lately (probably drunk) I am still not convinced that they have "comeback" from anywhere. Bravo to you ladies though for being back on someones payroll. No matter how desperate they must have been.

#9 is the death of the Twinkie:

That's right, this delicacy is no more.

Although I'm sure the person who is the most sad about this is Honey Boo Boo's mom, there were still plenty others emptying the shelves to stock up on the beloved Twinkie. Seeing as how they last indefinitely and were selling for high dollar on Ebay a small...and I mean small... part of me wishes I had jumped onto that bandwagon.

Saving the best for last....

The #1 Happening of 2012 was..... drum roll......brrrrrrr.....brrrrrrrrr ( did you make the sound?)


way to go Mayans, you officially scared the poo out of so many people! I mean really... there were people celebrating Christmas early and everything. Lucky for you everyone had a practice round last year when Harold Camping predicted the end of the world (twice) on May 21st. and Oct. 21st.----- I actually think more people fell for that garbage then they did this.

Well, that's all folks. Hope you all have a Happy and SAFE New Year!

2013..... Here's lookin' at you kid!
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Erin said...

Hahaha this is amazing! "She escaped!" Yes. Too good. Let's see if the new one can outlast her.

Glad to begin following you :)

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