Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starvation in disguise

Ok... so ya'll know how 'in-the-know' I am with diets right.... and not just in a new years resolution sorta way.

Well I heard about this new starvation method diet that I am thinking about giving a whirl. Its called the General Motors Diet. (Not even kidding, I thought it was a trick to get me to click on some link or something so I did what every computer savvy girl would do..... I crossed my fingers and clicked anyway) so far, unless I am just still falling for the trick, it looks totally legit ( read impossible to stay on) I mean I have been doing great working out and eating healthy   who knew   but maybe just one quick 10 lb weight loss would be nice!!

Here's the deal....

You eat close to nothing a limited amount of certain foods for 7 days and wa-la.... skinnier. I suppose it would be a good "detox?"

It says here that to prepare for the diet you must be able to withstand hunger pangs, and feelings of weakness ( sounds healthy right? lol)

ok, yeah so just reading that list is making me hungry.... because you can't eat! who makes these things up...anorexics? we shall see my little lemmings, I am not so sure I can hack it ( or would want to)

Just a thought. Would YOU do it?


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