Monday, December 3, 2012

Joke stealer

So hey it's monday... which means I should be doing my "weekend update."
well I am not going to. I have something else on my mind....
yep. The hubs.
(of course it's a good thing he's on my mind)
but this time it's not just him.... its what he does.
-and I am calling him out! -
Now my husband is funny don't get me wrong, it is one of the reasons why I love him so much ( just don't tell him that I am funnier because then he will insist on a "joke-off") but until today I never realized that he is a classic joke stealer/reuser. Let me give you an example...
Ever seen these E-cards::

They always crack me up when people Pin them on Pinterest or post them on Facebook. What is the funniest of all however is when hubs says the following with a straight face::

Nice try hubster.
Since he could tell I was onto him he tried to say he was referencing the E-Card .... but I know better my dear sweet husband. I wonder how often he does this to other people all day who may be under the impression that he is coming up with this himself. LOL
Before you know it he will be using for his facebook posts.
I'm just warning you people.
Your welcome.
** No feelings were hurt in the making of this post I secretly know he loves me telling the world  **


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